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7 Best Heated Jacket Brands For Maximum Warmth

The best heated jackets will keep you toasty warm...

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Heated jackets for men are one of the best inventions ever to grace the techwear world, as they are the perfect intersection of function and protection. If you’re an avid lover of outdoor sports or outdoor exploration, having access to men’s heated jackets is an absolute must, especially when facing freezing weather. Whether you’ve got your layering system down or sporting some highly insulated clothing, a lot of outdoor apparel can’t protect you the way a heated jacket can.

But just like purchasing any form of techwear, there are a few details you need to consider before purchasing a heated jacket. Choose a heated jacket that targets different heating zones, ensuring your upper body stays heated in many areas. Also, you want something that’s super functional, a heated jacket easily controlled with a click of a button, as the last thing you want while braving the cold is to be struggling to turn on your heating system. It should be as simple as flicking on a light switch.

What to look out for in heated jackets for men

Heat Elements

When investing in a heated jacket, make sure the heat elements installed distribute heat on the body’s core areas, such as the chest, back, and neck, for optimal warmth on the upper body. Also, hand warmers are excellent to keep your hands protected from the cold. Especially look out for heated jackets that come with carbon fibre heating as it provides lightweight durability and strength that can withstand freezing temperatures.

Heat Settings

Proper and easy to use heat settings are extremely important when it comes to a heated jacket. Make sure it comes with a few different heat settings to offer a sufficient level of versatility. Typically, heated jackets come with three different settings that range from low, medium, and high heat. These settings should be super practical and able to operative independently to warm up other areas of your body at different temperatures. Also, if you’re looking for something extremely innovative, keep your eyes peeled for a Bluetooth control installed in your heated jacket, as this will allow you to control the settings from your phone.

Long-Lasting Battery Pack

If you’re planning to be outdoors for an extended period, finding a heated jacket with long battery life is absolutely crucial. The best heated jackets for men can last for a few hours before recharging. However, if you’re looking to conserve battery energy, most heated jackets can usually operate for up to 10 hours of low heat.

Wind and Water Resistant

Like most outdoor clothing required, the best heated jackets offer water and wind-resistant properties. Although the heating elements will help you stay toasty warm, you need a level of waterproofing to help you keep dry. Also, ensure your heated jacket is wind resistant to protect you from heat loss and cold air penetration.

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