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21 Best Hiking Boot Brands To Wear

These are the top men's hiking boot brands to walk tall.

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If you like to spend the majority of your free time in the great outdoors scaling various hills or going on incredibly long treks, then you need to ensure you have some of the best hiking boots on your feet.

While men aren’t exactly left wanting when it comes to boot options that can all protect you from the elements – such as winter boots, duck boots and rain boots – only hiking boots will do if you’re going to be spending several hours on your feet.

Hiking boots can fall into a couple of categories: First, you have the traditional version that you’ll find at specialist outdoor gear stores that are made to accompany you on serious excursions up, down, and over a variety of terrains.

Then you also have designer hiking boots, produced by the likes of Danner, Moncler, and Hunter, that offer warmth and waterproofing, but in a far more stylish package.

While they’re more likely to be put through their paces scurrying around high-street shops than they are over mountain peaks, the stylish, designer option is the sort you’ll want to stock in your closet. But what should you be looking out for when searching for your own pair?

Hiking Boot Materials

A vast majority of hiking boots – or at least, the ones you’re going to want – should be made from premium materials such as leather or suede. Since they’re most likely going to be subject to a bit of rain or an occasional bout of snow at worst, these materials will be more than capable of holding their own.

You will, however, want to make sure they have a rubber sole, ideally a Vibram-branded one for ultimate quality. A chunky rubber sole will help keep you planted on the ground during inclement weather, and will go some way to helping you wade over rocks and snow should you ever decide to give them a thorough workout.

Hiking Boot Features

One of the clear signs that you’re in possession of a pair of hiking boots lies with the laces. Most hiking boots will rock either D-rings, eyelets or lace hooks to make tieing and untieing your laces easy, while also helping to make sure they remain securely fastened.

Given the conditions your hiking boots are likely to endure, you’re going to want to make sure they’re waterproof too. While the likes of premium leathers and suedes can help combat rain showers – with regular maintenance – other technologies such as Gore-Tex should also be welcomed.

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