Hiking & Outdoor Brands For Those Who Want To Flee Civilisation In Style

Run for the hills.

Ever had the urge to escape the rat race and never look back? If so: you’re either a hiker, or could do with becoming one (even if just for the weekend).

However – while you’d be surprised how long you can last out there with 12 freeze-dried meals and a Camelbak – no matter how sharp your Bear Grylls skills are, eventually you will have to return to civilisation.

On the plus side: this will give you a chance to purchase some cool new gear, whether that is to prepare you for your next weekend getaway or whether you plan on wearing it around the city to increase your ‘rugged gentleman‘ street cred.

Of course, you might not need to replace everything – we are well aware of the sentiment (not to mention sediment) a beat up water bottle can hold – but if you do need to stock up then you’ll want to be getting the best bang for your buck.

Whether you are about to attempt the Kokoda Trail or whether you are simply looking to float down the nearest river on an inflatable thong, beer in one hand and trail mix in the other (and of course wearing some timeless wardrobe essentials), these are the coolest new hiking brands to get into your life (and hiking pack) this year.

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