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iPad Case & Cover Brands That Will Shield Your Tech In Style

Shattered screens will be a thing of the past with these stylish (and functional) protectors.

While technology has developed immensely from rotary phones to flip phones to smartphones, newer tech isn’t equipped to withstand a drop to the floor. We’ve all had that heart-stopping moment when we’ve accidentally dropped our smartphone or tablet and you end up praying that there isn’t a scratch or cracked screen on your device when you tentatively pick it up.

If you’ve treated yourself to an iPad, which frankly you should as they’re a wonderfully versatile device that can transform into almost anything (such as a newspaper, book, television, laptop, etc.), you should most definitely protect it with a stylish case to ensure you have the device for as long as possible.

iPad Case & Cover Brands FAQ

Do I need a cover for my iPad?

Absolutely. Even if you just use your iPad at home, you need some type of protection for your gadget. One drop could lead to a cracked screen which can severely damage your device's working capabilities.

What kind of case is best for my iPad?

The best iPad case depends on several factors. If you regularly travel with your iPad, you need a durable case, that's multi-layered and shock-resistant with a built-in screen protector. However, if you just use your iPad at home, you might find a screen protector is sufficient; although we recommend getting a case with a foldable stand, for easy hand-free use.

Does your iPad need a screen protector?

With a good protective case and quality stylus, you will not need a screen protector for your iPad. Screen protectors may even cause sensitivity issues with your gadget. However, if you're adamant about only using a lightweight case or no case at all, you should definitely put a screen protector on your iPad so you don't end up with scratches or cracks!

We’ve rounded up the best iPad cases and covers that’ll keep your iPad completely protected and looking stylish.

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