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8 Best iPad Cases To Stash Your Gear Safely [2023]

Shattered screens will be a thing of the past with these stylish (and functional) iPad cases.

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Looking for the best case for your iPad? You’ve come to the right place. The Apple iPad is an incredibly capable piece of technology, effectively combining a TV, laptop and a book all in one rather stylish package. And of course, you’re going to want your iPad to remain looking pristine for its entire life, which is why you need a dedicated iPad case.

The best iPad cases will offer all-around protection for your tablet, and come in a few different styles. These include a sleeve, which you slide your iPad into when you’re not using it; a bumper shell to cover the sides and back, allowing you to use your iPad while in its case; and a folio-style case. This sees the rear of the iPad protected, and a cover that flips over the front. This cover can then double up as a stand for hands-free movie viewing, or in some cases, can be a keyboard that allows you to create and edit documents on the go.

And, since you’ve invested in an Apple product, good looks and style are clearly important to you. So we’ve rounded up the brands making the most stylish yet effective iPad cases, so you can use and transport your tablet without worry of it sustaining damage.

iPad Case & Cover Brands FAQ

Do I need a cover for my iPad?

Absolutely. Even if you just use your iPad at home, you need some type of protection for your gadget. One drop could lead to a cracked screen which can severely damage your device's working capabilities.

What kind of case is best for my iPad?

The best iPad case depends on several factors. If you regularly travel with your iPad, you need a durable case, that's multi-layered and shock-resistant with a built-in screen protector. However, if you just use your iPad at home, you might find a screen protector is sufficient; although we recommend getting a case with a foldable stand, for easy hand-free use.

Does your iPad need a screen protector?

With a good protective case and quality stylus, you will not need a screen protector for your iPad. Screen protectors may even cause sensitivity issues with your gadget. However, if you're adamant about only using a lightweight case or no case at all, you should definitely put a screen protector on your iPad so you don't end up with scratches or cracks!