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Keyring Brands

Whether you call them a keyring, a keychain, a key cover or a key holder, they’re all a must for the modern day man. Technology has come so far in recent decades, yet one thing that remains the same is the humble key. For your home, your office, your car, the beach house, your letter box and your parents house, keys, and a lot of them are unavoidable, even in this day and age.

The plentitude of keys most men carry everyday, needs to be carried on something and that something is a keyring. Like most accessories, keyrings are the unsung heroes of your everyday life, imagine having to look after six different keys without one. My worst nightmare. Clearly, a keyring is an extremely important accessory and hence, worthwhile investing in. As with any other accessory, keyrings are a great opportunity to express yourself as they tell others about who you are, your lifestyle and quite possibly, your bank balance.

Sounds daunting doesn’t it? There is so much riding on this small device, but fear not, we have found the best keyring brands for you to protect your life’s greatest possessions in.

After affordable wallet brands to go with your cool key ring? We’ve got you sorted.


Bellroy describes their products as ‘Considered carry goods to enhance your everyday’. This perfectly describes their ‘key covers’ that neatly and elegantly allow you to carry anywhere from 1 – 8 keys. Their minimalistic design folds up your keys in a small leather pouch with a magnet to keep them tidy.

Bellroy Key Cover Plus
Key Cover Plus $45

Il Bisonte

The famous, Tuscan leather tanners, Il Bisonte are famous for their ever cool and lasting duffel bags and their key rings are more than up to scratch for this reputation. Il Bisonte uses a process called ‘vegetable tanning’ to transform a cowhide into a beautiful, yet tough material that will stand the test of time and look good doing it.

Il Bisonte Cowhide Keyring in Black
Cowhide Keyring in Black $35


Proudly made in Italy, from some of the finest materials, Serapian creates beautiful leather and woven goods that are built to last. Their sophisticated black and chrome key rings are timeless and are bound to look cool even in decades to come.

Serapian Black Stepan Spread Cotton and Calf Leather
Black Stepan Spread Cotton and Calf Leather $135

Richings Greetham

Richings Greetham is a British brand creating utilitarian leather goods. Their products are designed to be used and functional with a carefully considered aesthetic.

Richings Greetham Tan Tumbled Buffalo Calfskin Key Pouch
Tan Tumbled Buffalo Calfskin Key Pouch $75


More famous for their chairs, Vitra employed Hella Jongerius to design a key ring. The final product depicts the windows of the Vitra House in Rhein, Germany. Created from premium leather and featuring the design elements of an architectural icon, this keychain is definitely one to consider.

Vitra Hella Jongerius 2015 House Key Ring
Hella Jongerius 2015 House Key Ring $25


Since 1994, Master-Piece have been producing travel pieces and everyday accessories with a timeless appeal. The Japanese designed goods are stylish yet functional and are expertly made in Japan to the highest standards.

Master Piece Oil Leather Keyring
Oil Leather Keyring $59

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen and their iconic skull design make for a great key ring, with an edge. Made from brass and available in various colours, their skull key ring will help you stand out from the crowd in a not so subtle way. You could even attach it to your luggage to ward of anyone who may consider it theirs.

Alexander McQueen Skull Keyring
Skull Keyring $125

1017 ALYX 9SM

1017-ALYX-9SM is a forward thinking label that encompasses utilitarianism and rugged design cues. Their keychain is no different, featuring nylon webbing and the brands iconic ‘rollercoaster’ buckle which looks great. It should perform as good as it looks having been made in Italy to a clinically high standard.

1017 ALYX 9SM Rollercoaster Buckle Key Fob
Rollercoaster Buckle Key Fob $315


Ambush hopes to create unique jewellery and their ‘Padlock’ key ring most defiantly fits the bill. Not only will you be able to keep all your keys in one place, but you’ll be able to sleep easy, know they can’t fall off or be stolen thanks to it being a padlock. If you like the look but aren’t willing to spend $345, head to your local hardware store and pick up a padlock from there.

Ambush Padlock Key Ring
Padlock Key Ring $345

Rick Owens

Rick Owens offers a selection of keychains that are very luxurious, without making a song and dance about it. Made from a selection of high quality materials, their pieces are a good way to fly under the radar whilst still maintaining a luxurious aesthetic and feel.

Rick Owens Metal Twin Keychain
Metal Twin Keychain $309

Saint Laurent

A name that needs no introduction, the Parisian design house offers up some seriously good looking key rings. Combining silver hardwares and supple leathers, any of the Saint Laurent keychains will offer a timeless and clean cut look.

Saint Laurent YSL Keyring
YSL Keyring $400


If you have ever used the word ‘Rugged’ or ‘Outdoors enthusiast’ to describe yourself, these HAY key rings are the ones for you. Designed to look like a carabiner, these key rings are most definitely rugged and will accompany you on any adventure your embark on.

HAY Cane Key Ring
Cane Key Ring $25

Hender Scheme

Another esteemed Japanese label, Hender Scheme offers a beautiful key ring made from high quality materials. Offering five individual clasps for your keys as well as one larger clasp, you’ll be able all your keys without compromise.

Hender Scheme Key Flock
Key Flock $149


To add a hefty touch of luxury to your key ring, look no further than Givenchy. Featuring their iconic ‘4G’ design as well as their name and made from a selection of nylon, leather and silver hardware this key ring will handle anything you can throw at it and will look great doing so.

Givenchy 4G Webbing Key Fob
4G Webbing Key Fob $269

Bottega Venetta

Since 1966, Bottega Venetta has been producing artisanal leather goods in Vicenza, Italy. Their keychains feature their signature intrecciato weave which is a classic and timeless design that is known for its durability and elegance.

Bottega Veneta Black Intrecciato Loop Keychain
Black Intrecciato Loop Keychain $305


Smythson of Bond Street is a traditional British brand that produces leather the simply the highest standards. Their designs, whilst often minimalist mix high quality leathers and metals to ensure the products last and fantastic.

Smythson Green Panama Messenger Keychain
Green Panama Messenger Keychain $140


Originally an activewear manufacturer, Satisfy offers an athletic look and feel with all of their products. Their style draws on both French and Japanese styles which nicely pairs style and practicality.

Satisfy Black Carabiner Key Strap
Black Carabiner Key Strap $70

Maritime Ali

In recent years, Maritime Ali has been making waves in the jewellery scene in their attempts to bring back the heavy chains of 2000’s hip-hop. The Brooklyn based firm is refreshing in the key ring game with a selection of pieces that please the eye.

Martine Ali SSENSE Exclusive Gunmetal 21 Savage Edition Sin Keychain
SSENSE Exclusive Gunmetal 21 Savage Edition Sin Keychain $135

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela takes an unique and creative look on the world of fashion, their designs are often a far cry from normal which gives them a distinct edgy look. Their key fob is sleek and functional, enabling you to clip three keys to anything you please.

Maison Margiela Silver Tone Key Fob
Silver Tone Key Fob $596


Famous from the Kingsman film series, the brand is actually a collaboration between Mr Porter and the Film. They endeavour to make clothing and accessories for the modern man. The Kingsman key rings are yet another collaboration but with Deakin and Francis Leather, a traditional British brand that specialise in leather accessories.

Kingsman + Deakin & Francis Leather and Rose Gold Plated Key Fob
Deakin & Francis Leather and Rose Gold Plated Key Fob $120


Tod’s are famous for their classic driving shoes. The shoes are available in a selection of opulent and understated colours and materials. Tod’s key rings, much like the shoes, pair dark leathers with contrasting colours for some excitement.

Tod's Contrasting Panel Keyring
Contrasting Panel Keyring $325

Common Projects

Creating some of the worlds best sneakers, Common Projects knows how to make a high quality product that make a statement in the right way. Similar to their shoes, their key rings feature a striking minimalist design that is sure to function as well as it looks.

Common Projects Classic Keyring
Classic Keyring $104


OAMC is fast becoming famous for their soft cosmopolitan looks that feature interesting materials, colours and prints. Their key rings has to be one of their finest offerings. With a very industrial look, their key ring is rugged and will handle a lifetime of abuse.

OAMC Clip Keyring
Clip Keyring $121

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a man with an eclectic design taste that harks away from traditional British menswear. His keychains feature his signature coloured stripes and feature other designs including a Mini.

Paul Smith Car Charm Keyring
Car Charm Keyring $129

Mont Blanc

The clinical German leather brand Mont Blanc has created a timeless keyring that combines their immaculate leather and metal working skills. The brand uses their abilities to create gorgeous pens and bags to create a minimalist keyring that features beautiful details.

Montblanc Logo Keychain
Logo Keychain $225

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