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Best Camel Coats For Men 2022

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A camel coat is a formal winter piece, promising to never go out of style thanks to its classic silhouette and luxurious feel. It’s hard not to feel effortlessly chic and confident, as when wearing one of these coats, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Also, you can layer these bad boys over a cashmere sweater or a cotton jumper, achieving an instantly put-together look. However, this coat is highly versatile too – pair it with a hoodie and some jeans for a great off duty look, as there are very few items that don’t pair with this rich tan colour.

Different Types Of Camel Coats

Camel hair coats

This overcoat has been a winter staple for over 60 years but first emerged onto the scene after Jaeger designed the first camel coat at the end of World War I, putting London style at the forefront of fashion trends. The coat then remerged 20 years later, after silk, leather, and wool materials were scarce during the Second World War, so designers began turning to camel hair once again.

Many brands today craft their coats out of authentic camel hair, as it provides highly insulating properties and is thermo-regulated while being exceptionally comfortable and soft. Coats made out of real camel hair is rather expensive though, so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative you may just want a camel coloured coat that’s been made out of other fabrics. However, a real camel coat is a real investment; you’ll wear this luxurious coat for the rest of your life which makes it worth every penny.

Camel coloured coats

Many camel coats nowadays aren’t actually constructed out of camel hair. These coats are instead dyed to be a camel colour and typically crafted out of wool, cashmere, or cotton materials, meaning while a camel coloured coat isn’t as luxurious as a real camel hair coat, they still provide a high-quality look and feel.

Men’s Camel Coat FAQs

Is a camel coat warm?

Camel coats are incredibly warm and lightweight as they're typically made out of soft hair that camels shed in the warmer months. However, as we mentioned before, many "camel" coats aren't constructed out of camel hair but instead crafted from fabrics such as wool or cashmere, which are also quite warm.

How long should a camel coat be?

A camel coat usually ends around the knee, providing you with sufficient coverage, making them the ideal winter piece. Due to their long design and supremely warm fabrics, camel coats are deemed one of the best formal dress coats to keep you warm in the colder months.

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We’ve rounded up the best camel coats for men available, and whether you’re after the real deal – a coat made with camel hair – or you simply want a camel coloured coat to save a little money, you’ll find the perfect camel coat for you below.