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21 Best Men’s Cargo Shorts For Work & Play

These are the best cargo shorts for men available.

21 Best Men’s Cargo Shorts For Work & Play

Once the victim of ridicule, cargo shorts for men have finally found themselves a position within the men’s fashion sphere. Quite literally a shortened version of cargo pants, which were introduced during World War II to allow soldiers to carry all manner of essential items within their many pockets, cargo shorts for men are now synonymous with dads everywhere.

We admit, they’re more practical than anything else, and for a sharp look, you’re going to want to invest in a pair of chino shorts instead. But if you need to carry many items on your person, there’s no other menswear piece more suited to the purpose than cargo shorts for men. The very fact cargo shorts have been adopted by a complete contingent of fashion brands, many of which have worldwide appeal is proof enough that they’re an item you should be paying attention to and not avoiding.

But which brands are really championing cargo shorts for men? Allow us to bring you the definitive guide of the best cargo shorts for men to buy right now.