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The Best Men’s Cowboy Boots For Cool Western Style

No shoe will make you feel cooler than a western cowboy boot. These shoes are a classic footwear staple that never seem to go out of fashion. No matter if you’re strawberry picking in the summer or trekking through rocky mountains in the winter, cowboy boots are the go-to stylish shoe that can sustain in all different environments.

Though this pair of boots is synonymous with southern style, initially, it originated in Southwestern Europe, with Spanish Vaqueros fashioning this shoe. Later, this shoe was adopted by cowboys in Mexico and Texas who wanted perfect footwear for herding cattle. And while real cowboys still wear these boots, they have become an iconic piece of footwear in the fashion industry, noticed beyond their functional purpose, but rather their sleek and vintage design.

Cowboy Boot FAQs

Are cowboy boots good for walking?

Cowboy boots are suitable for walking, as their low profile heel feel provides balance and support, especially when hiking through challenging terrain. Also, the ideal western boot to wear while walking is one with a box toe style, as these shoes are a roomy and generous fit, guaranteed to make you feel extremely comfortable.

Will cowboy boots get ruined in the rain?

Cowboy boots can usually withstand windy and rainy conditions due to their typically durable leather exterior. You can wear cowboy boots in pretty much all types of weather.

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We’ve carefully selected our favourite pair of cowboy boots because let’s face it; this is certainly not our first rodeo. Regardless if you’re looking for a cowboy boot with the classic silhouette and conventional style, or if you’re looking for an upgraded boot featuring modern technology, we have something for everyone. These boots will make you feel like you’ve just ridden through the paddocks and rolled right into a John Wayne flick.

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