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Best Men’s Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Impress This Spooky Season

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Halloween, a night of spooky fun and trick-or-treating, is fast approaching. The spooky night, which takes place annually on the 31st of October, is thought to have gotten its origins from the Celtic festival of Samhain. This festival was held to ward off ghosts by lighting bonfires and wearing costumes. Today, Halloween is a chance to dress up, carve some pumpkins, and just have some good old fashioned fun!

If you’ve got a Halloween party to go to, or you’re going to dress up and go out with your mates, or maybe you’re just accompanying your kids while they go door to door, you’re going to need a Halloween costume. But if you’ve left getting your costume to the last minute or you just have no idea what to go as, never fear!

Halloween FAQs

What are the best men's Halloween costumes?

The most popular costume this year is looking like it'll be any of the characters from the Netflix series, Squid Game. If you're not looking to be on-trend, the best Halloween costumes are either scary, funny, or cool; decide which vibe you want to give off this spooky season and go from there. Also, while vampires and mummies are traditional, they're a tad overdone.

Why do we carve pumpkins for Halloween?

Originally, the Irish would carve pumpkins or 'jack-o-lanterns' and place them by the doors and windows to scare evil spirits away. Today, it's just a fun activity and a great way to decorate your home for Halloween.

What is the most hated Halloween candy?

If you don't want to gain a reputation as the house that gives out the worst Halloween candy to young trick-or-treaters, stay away from candy corn. Candy corn is regularly rated as the number one most-hated Halloween candy by most kids.

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We’ve rounded up the best men’s Halloween costumes to wear this year. Whether you’re after a cool, scary, funny, sexy, or heroic Halloween costume, we’ve got you covered. Happy Halloween!