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15 Best Rugby Shirts For Men Who Love The Game

Head for the line with these selection of rugby shirts that are perfect for both on and off the field.

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In any man’s wardrobe, a rugby shirt is an absolute staple. Whether they’re built to be tugged at for 80 minutes during a gruelling match or made for casual wear, men’s rugby shirts are an essential piece of sports attire, embraced both on and off the field.

Initially, rugby players wore white button-front shirts, white trousers, and a bow tie for their games. It’s as if they were getting dressed up for a candlelight dinner, not to play a rigorous sport while rolling around in the dirt. It took a few years for the O.G rugby players to hang up their tweed shirts and ditch the bowties, but once they did, thankfully, they began rocking team shirts and jerseys.

Shortly after it debuted, rugby shirts became a sought-after piece of sports apparel, recognised for their durability without compromising comfort. Now, these shirts are almost worn more off the field than on as it’s highly versatile piece of clothing and offers different looks.

If you’re looking to upgrade your athletic wear and are partial to the preppy rubgy vibe, we’ve come up with a list of brands serving the coolest rugby shirts and jerseys – an array of styles and patterns we know you’ll love. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a soft, breathable shirt perfect for the summer or a heavy, rugged knit to endure the colder months; we have you covered.