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15 Best Wallets For Men – Tried & Tested For Every Budget & Bloke

15 Best Wallets For Men – Tried & Tested For Every Budget & Bloke

Image: DMARGE / Romer Macapuno

Wallets may slowly be going the way of the dodo, that doesn’t mean you don’t need one. Having been a bit of a wallet snob over the years we decided to compile a list of our favourite wallets, card holders and travel wallets.

Our Selection


Our selection of wallets is primarily informed by the products we have used or tried ourselves. We have divided these wallets into categories and selected the best from each class so we don’t overwhelm you with the inability to choose. We have included alternatives for categories where we feel there is more than one standout option.

All you have to do if you already have a preference or know which type of wallet you’re looking for is check out that section to see the product we’ve selected and see why we like it.

Oh, and we haven’t included trifold wallets because there are so many much better options. If you think you need a trifold, just check out the wallets we have highlighted. We’re sure something more exciting will catch your eye.

Best overall wallet: Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet

VERDICT: A must-have! No wallet has better combined design and convenience and managed to produce such a stunning and durable result.


  • Very slim
  • It holds up to 11 cards.
  • Two quick-access slots for cards you often use.
  • A pull-out tab to store other cards.
  • Leather is available in 9 colours, with a leather-free option in one colour.
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made with environmentally sustainable or recycled materials


  • Won’t hold a lot of cash
  • Cash bills have to be folded to fit.

Bellroy is currently our favourite carry goods brand. You’ll probably discover why as you go through this list (since they appear multiple times), but honestly, there’s nothing not to love about the brand. Established in 2010, it has become a truly global brand in patronage and personnel. But its products have only gotten better with time, retaining the quality that brought it to our notice in the first place.

But what makes the Bellroy Slim Sleeve so special? Forgive us if you disagree, but a slim wallet is the best type of wallet worth having these days. With other things like keys and AirPods cases in your pockets, the last thing anyone needs is a wallet taking up more space than necessary and constituting a nuisance. Hence, our decision is that a slim wallet has to be crowned overall best, and none is better than the Bellroy Slim Sleeve. 


This wallet can comfortably hold everything you need, measuring 95x80mm (same as a USD bill folded in half and slightly larger than a folded AUD bill). We were actually shocked at just how much it could contain. And while, admittedly, the design is focused on cards, not cash, we still think it’s perfect because we live in a practically cashless society anyway. 

Finally, the design decision to have a pull-out tab for rarely used cards while preserving two card slots for those used more often is brilliant. There’s no reason for cards you rarely use to be in your face all the time, making it difficult to reach the cards you need.

An alternative option from Bellroy: The Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve 

An alternative option from Bellroy The Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

VERDICT: An amazing functional wallet, perfect for the modern man.


  • Extra secure with its RIFD protection and magnetic snap.
  • Functional.
  • Holds up to 8 cards.
  • It is made from environmentally sustainable materials.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • Not as stylish.
  • It still doesn’t hold that much cash.
  • Doesn’t hold as many cards as the Slim Sleeve.

Remember how we said the Bellroy products only got better with time? Here’s proof. The slim sleeve was the brand’s original sleeve wallet, and while it seemed impossible to improve on an already perfect product, that’s exactly what they did. If you are a fan of slim wallets or understand their appeal, you’ll love this.

The Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve uses heat bonding instead of stitching to piece fabrics together, resulting in an extremely surprising wallet. Honestly, this is one wallet you might forget is even in your pocket. Although it sacrifices the ability to hold a few more cards than the Slim Sleeve, we still love it.


This is also more security-oriented. It has a magnetic edge that is satisfying to snap shut and keeps everything secure. Finally, it is RIFD-protected to keep all your cards extra safe.

Best cardholder wallet: Miansai Modern Cardholder

Best cardholder wallet Miansai Modern Cardholder

Miansai Modern Cardholder

VERDICT: Cardholders don’t get much more stylish than this!


  • Incredible craftsmanship.
  • Fine and quality material.
  • The ability to monogram it sells it for us.
  • Gets better with age.


  • It holds only five cards, so not the most functional because it is supposed to be a cardholder.
  • Again, it is a cardholder, so we expected it to have RIFD protection

Very few cardholders have managed to stand out as much as this. Miansai has long prided itself on being the brand to turn to for quality pieces that boast the finest artisanal craftsmanship, so seeing its cardholder live up to that reputation was pleasing.

Made from genuine Italian cow leather, the Miansai Modern Cardholder is moderately priced at $155(AUD), especially considering it is an investment for your style. You can have it monogrammed with three characters to make it extra special. 

This is one cardholder that stands out and helps you stand out. You’re bound to love it.

Another one we like: Nomad Card Wallet

Another one we like Nomad Card Wallet

Nomad Card Wallet

VERDICT: The Nomad card wallet is exquisite in the English Tan. Plus, we possibly can’t resist a product that only looks better with time.


  • Stylish and minimalist design.
  • Thermoforming prevents the leather from stretching (a common problem with leather card wallets).
  • Cheaper than our other cardholder pick.
  • It holds more cards, three more than our other card wallet pick.
  • Made from sustainably sourced materials.


  • Still lacking RIFD protection

Nomad is a brand more focused on functionality. They initially started to build products that help you use your smartphone better, but they have evolved. In their evolution, however, they have maintained their commitment to building durable products, so, unsurprisingly, the Nomad Card Wallet gets better with age.

Sounds almost impossible, right? But it’s true. Chances are, you’ll prefer your wallet more when it’s slightly older than when it’s brand new. At least, we did. The process of thermoforming (binding leather to fabric under heat) also prevents the full-grain leather employed in making the wallet from stretching.

Best Bifold Wallet: Miansai Modern Bifold Wallet

Best Bifold Wallet Miansai Modern Bifold Wallet

Miansai Modern Bifold Wallet

VERDICT: If you’re a bifold wallet man, this is one purchase you definitely won’t regret.


  • Amazing quality
  • Monogrammable! Something about being able to personalise our wallet truly just does it for us.
  • Functional. Or at least as practical as a bifold wallet is going to be.


  • Not exactly a fan of the Vintage Cognac colour
  • Bit expensive at $240 (AUD)

The most important things to look for in a bifold wallet are style, quality, and functionality. The Miansai Modern Bifold Wallet does very well on those three grounds and manages to combine all three masterfully. 

Measuring 11.4x10x22 cm, it is the perfect size for a bifold wallet because it can fit into almost any pocket without being too inconvenient. The ability to hold up to 6 cards (surprisingly more cards than their Modern Cardholder) in addition to the bill pocket makes it functional enough. And, of course, the Italian cowhide leather it is made of gives it an exquisite feel.

Best RFID-safe wallet: Bellroy Hide & Seek

Best RFID-safe wallet Bellroy Hide & Seek

Bellroy Hide & Seek

VERDICT: It stores much more than it looks and perfectly holds everything you need in a wallet.


  • Comes in 7 colours.
  • RFID-protected.
  • Stores up to 12 cards, with four slots available for quick access.
  • Has a separate coin pouch.
  • Has a secondary hidden bill storage area for larger bills.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Has Bellroy’s trademark 3-year warranty.


  • Fans of slim wallets won’t like this. It is 100% conventional.

Our choice was particularly inspired because this wallet checks all the boxes. True to the Bellroy brand, it offers everything you could want and manages to look good while doing it. The Bellroy Hide & Seek is a bifold wallet that stores cash, coins, and up to 12 cards. 

The storage space that this wallet affords is almost unbelievable for a bifold. A standout feature for us was that it comes in different sizes, allowing you to select which better fits your currency. As you already guessed from the heading, it is also RIFD-protected, which would be appropriate considering the number of cards it allows you to store.


An alternative RFID wallet that’s popular: Karakoram2 Smart Slide

An alternative RFID wallet that’s popular Karakoram2 Smart Slide

Karakoram2 Smart Slide

VERDICT: It does much of what it sets out to do in a great design.


  • Made from great materials.
  • Perfect as a cardholder.
  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Easy to carry around without worrying that your cards may fall out.
  • Available in 3 colours.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • If you don’t like having your bills exposed, the money holder is useless
  • It doesn’t hold up to 9 cards as advertised. 6 or 7 at most.

Made from a full-grain leather exterior and an aluminium interior, the Karakoram2 Smart Slide is a favourite of many, and it’s easy to see why, and it’s not just because of its RFID protection. The compact design makes it very easy to carry around, and it’s almost a revelation for those transitioning from bulky wallets. 

It has two slots for different cards: one for cards you frequently need so they are easy to access, and the second slot is the aluminium interior with a trigger mechanism you have to press to allow these cards to slide out. Friction pads hold all cards together to prevent them from falling out.

Finally, the design is impeccable, and since it’s made in Sydney, we’re a bit partial to it.

Best hard case aluminium wallet: Ridge Wallet 

Best hard case aluminium wallet Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet

VERDICT: Their patented design structure for holding multiple cards means you won’t get anything this good anywhere else.


  • We love that we could choose between a money strap, a money clip, or both for the wallet.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Offers RFID protection.
  • It will comfortably hold up to 12 cards.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Generally, not a fan of hardcase wallets.
  • Cash can’t be stored internally.

Ridge has spent over nine years developing wallets, and this product reflects that by blowing its competition out of the water. It’s found a way to store everything you’d typically want to store in a wallet, but once all your cards are in it, it is very easy to forget it is in your pocket because of how lightweight and small it is.

Not only does it blow its competition out of the water, but the Ridge Wallet blows our minds, too. One of our major concerns with hard case wallets was the scratches that come with everyday use. But the wallet is brilliantly powdered to ensure a scratch-free surface. Finally, the grade 2 titanium used to construct it makes it very durable.

Another great alternative aluminium wallet: Ekster Aluminium Cardholder 

Another great alternative aluminium wallet Ekster Aluminium Cardholder

Ekster Aluminium Cardholder

VERDICT: Simple, efficient, but still prefer The Ridge Wallet


  • Made of durable aluminium.
  • Offers RFID protection.
  • It holds up to 12 cards, and all are accessible with the click of a button.
  • Available in 15 colours.


  • It still doesn’t make us a fan of aluminium wallets.
  • It advertises that it comfortably holds bills but won’t realistically hold a lot of bills.
  • Too long/wide for our taste.

The Ekster aluminium cardholder had all the features you’d want from your typical cardholder. The brand started to produce all the tools you’ll need to comfortably be on the go in the 21st century, so it’s easy to understand the contemporary design choices for this wallet.  

It stores all the cards internally but fans them out with the click of a button. Made of Space-grade 6061-T6 aluminium (one of the most popular commercial aluminium materials for its hardness and strength), the Ekster Aluminium cardholder is pretty durable. Ultimately, it is also quite stylish.

While it is attractively simple and efficient, we did not enjoy the length and width of the wallet. It doesn’t disappear into one’s pocket.

Best designer luxury wallet: Smythson 6 Card Slot Money Clip Wallet

Best designer luxury wallet Smythson 6 Card Slot Money Clip Wallet in Panama

Smythson 6 Card Slot Money Clip Wallet in Panama

VERDICT: Very stylish and very functional


  • Timeless design
  • Made from calf leather (which may not be the best environmental solution)
  • You can make it your own
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • It is a luxury wallet, and that is evident in the price.
  • Also doesn’t disappear in your pocket.

If you want a luxury wallet, you’ll get it with this Smythson 6 Card Slot Money Clip wallet, which is simply elegant. Made with the iconic Smythson Panama calf leather in cross-grain texture, this wallet is beautiful, which is not a compliment we often give lightly. As you would expect from a luxury product, it feels great to touch.

Unfortunately, its name is not as imaginative, so it tells you that the product offers just 6 card slots and a (fancy) money clip right off the bat. But what sells it for us is (you might have already guessed) the ability to personalise it. Even the personalisation options are luxurious, and while you can only personalise with just two letters, you can select font type, colour, position, etc.

An alternative luxury option three staff members agreed on: Boss Matte-Leather Card Holder with Monogram Hardware Trim

An alternative luxury option three staff members agreed on Boss Matte-Leather Card Holder with Monogram Hardware Trim

Boss Matte-Leather Card Holder with Monogram Hardware Trim

VERDICT: The quality and materials are exceptional, but nothing else stands out.


  • It’s Hugo Boss (that has to count for something).
  • It has one inside open pocket that may be used to store bills, something many other cardholders lack.
  • 4 card slots.
  • 60% of materials were environmentally sourced.


  • There’s nothing too special about it (apart from the fact that it’s Hugo Boss)

Since 1924, when it was founded, Hugo Boss established itself as a men’s fashion icon. Around 1970, the brand became a bellwether and has since retained that position. Naturally, the Boss Matte-Leather Cardholder that caught our eye from the brand is equally stylish, and we think it’s one of the best wallets to have ever come around.    

The sheer quality of this wallet was enough to earn it a spot on this list, from the leather to the impeccable lining. However, there’s not much else special about it. Well, except you’re crazy about wanting to show that you’re carrying a Boss cardholder. In that case, it is monogrammed with the letter B in metal.

Best money clip: Ridge Money Clip

Best money clip Ridge Money Clip

Ridge Money Clip

VERDICT: If you don’t lose this money clip, there’ll be no reason to buy another.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great design


  • It’s not as thick as your typical money clip, but it works nonetheless.

There’s typically little to set things like money clips apart, but we believe this is the best for two reasons. First, it has an original design, different from all the traditional money clips you’re used to. The design doesn’t serve to do much on its own, but it is functional since it allows you us the money clip as a stand-alone accessory or together with the wallet.

Secondly, like many other Ridge products, the Ridge money clip uses materials that help it last a lifetime. Or at least, that’s what their lifetime warranty implies. We haven’t tested one over a lifetime, but it’s holding up pretty nicely.

Best travel wallet: Tumi Alpha Zip Travel Case

Best travel wallet Tumi Alpha Zip Travel Case

Tumi Alpha Zip Travel Case

VERDICT: This will prove to be the most useful travel companion. It might, however, get tilting to keep carrying a ‘case’ around after some time.


  • Specifically built for travel.
  • As many compartments and card pockets as you may need.
  • Detachable wristlet.
  • Abrasion proof.
  • Tumi’s attention to detail makes it incredible.


  • A bit expensive
  • Very big; won’t fit into almost any pocket

Tumi is a brand that has consistently wowed us with its level of innovation and design, and it is only appropriate that they make this list for a versatile product like their travel wallet. The Tumi Alpha Zip Travel Case allows you to have everything most important to you when you travel in a single secure place’ with you.

With about five compartments to contain different things like your phone, passport and cash, it also has an incredible 14 card pockets with an ID window. Most importantly, you can keep all of this safely attached to yourself with a wristlet that is also detachable, should you prefer that option.

Made with ballistic nylon, a durable material Tumi first introduced to the consumer market, it is designed to withstand the roughness of travel with a unique weave and special coating.

An alternative travel wallet we’re liking: Bellroy Travel Wallet

An alternative travel wallet we’re liking Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy Travel Wallet

VERDICT: Not as many compartments as the Tumi travel case, but it is more secure and may be more convenient with its bifold design (as long as it isn’t very full).


  • Easier to carry around.
  • RFID protection.
  • Hidden compartment for cash.
  • Made from environmentally sustainable materials.
  • 3-year warranty
  • Available in four colours.


  • It might easily become uncomfortable once it is full.
  • Won’t fit a German or Irish passport.

When compared side-by-side with the Tumi Travel case, the Bellroy Travel Wallet appears to sacrifice the multiple compartments for convenience and security. Of course, that’s not a bad thing. You’ll have to pick what you believe will work best for you on a trip. 


The wallet holds only about ten cards (without other documents) and is built like a regular bifold wallet. It has different sections to fit almost all passports and receipts or tickets. It offers RFID protection, which might be very important on a trip. It also comes with a micro travel pen and has a hidden compartment to hold your cash.

Best Vegan Wallet: Von Holzhausen The Fold Wallet

Best Vegan Wallet Von Holzhausen The Fold Wallet

Von Holzhausen The Fold Wallet

VERDICT: Among wallets, this is the most fashionable way to support the planet.


  • Made with plant-based leather.
  • Every other material was from recycled plastic.
  • It feels and looks as good as the most luxurious animal-based leather
  • Holds up to 6 cards and bills comfortably.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It could use some more card slots

Since its establishment, Von Holzhausen has been driven by a single goal: to replace animal-based leather with plant-based ones worldwide. To achieve that, they have dedicated significant time and resources to innovation, creating plant-based leather and products that are better than animal-based leather.

The Von Holzhausen Fold Wallet is incredible because it feels like there’s no difference between it and calfskin leather (one of the most luxurious leather materials ever to exist). The wallet is simple yet elegant with obvious artisanal quality. It’s almost the perfect wallet since it can also hold up to 6 cards and bills.

How we tested

We’ve all been using different wallets for so many years now, and here’s how we arrived at our list after testing countless brands:

  • Material Quality: One of the making or breaking factors for a wallet, whether leather or aluminium, is the quality of the material employed in making it.
  •  Construction: The building of the wallets is also very important to us. To ensure that all the items  on this list are indeed the best wallets, we examined the stitching and the compartments to ensure they were well-designed
  • Functionality: As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the ability of the wallet to easily perform its function is important to us, which is why we checked out things like capacity and security.
  • Style: The design styling of a wallet is also very important to us. Your wallet says a lot about you, so it must look great.
  • Preferences: We’ll confess that our personal preferences have affected the list
  • Actual testing: We have used these wallets to see how they respond to everyday use and the occasional wear and tear.
  • Brand: We have also favoured brands we know and trust very well. 

Why Trust Us

  • We have been fashion enthusiasts and experts for over two decades
  • This is essentially summarising our experience in the struggle to get the best wallet for ourselves
  • We have also compiled reviews from other purchasers to determine what products many people, not just us, seem to like.
  • The selection is based on first-hand experience.

Our Experts

  • Luc Wiesman – Founder of DMARGE and renowned fashion & style expert. He’s gone through a few wallets in his 20+ years in the game, so knows what he’s talking about. 
  • Finlay Mead – DMARGE’s resident expert on lifestyle and fashion. Fin always has one eye on the emerging trends in menswear and has a Ralph Lauren wallet of his own, chosen after much extensive market testing.