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10 Best Yoga Shorts For Men 2022

Men's yoga shorts that will make you the hottest hound in the class.

Despite yoga perhaps not being the manliest of fitness disciplines, it has a huge following especially because it’s proven to improve flexibility, posture, strength, cardiovascular health, and can even reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that many clothing brands have dedicated lines of yoga apparel, designed to help you become more flexible than ever before. Shorts are especially important for yoga because if you want any chance of being able to perform the splits, you can’t just go and throw any old pair on.

Features of men’s yoga shorts to look out for

When looking for a pair of yoga shorts specifically for the yoga studio, you’ll want to especially pay close attention to the fabric. You want your yoga shorts to effectively wick sweat away from your body, to keep you cool and dry but also to prevent chafing. Not only this but you’re also going to want yoga shorts made with a fabric that’s stretchable too.

Furthermore, men’s yoga shorts should have a loose fit as opposed to skin-hugging, so you can move freely. However, you don’t want overly baggy shorts as they may leave you hanging (if you catch our drift).

Finally, the lower part of your body will naturally succumb to not-so-great smells with the advent of exercise, so if you can find a pair of yoga shorts with anti-odour technologies to keep them at bay, then that’s a bonus.

Yoga Shorts FAQs

Why are yoga clothes so expensive?

Just like any other athleisure outfit, yoga clothes do not come cheap. Manufacturers use the right fabric that will hold its shape and move well when the body moves and stretches. However, good quality yoga clothing is extremely durable and will last you multiple wears, and has been specifically designed to help improve your yoga performance, making the price tag worth it.

Are workout shorts better than yoga pants?

Both work as long as they are comfortable and give you the freedom of movement to do your workout. During the warmer seasons or hot yoga, however, many prefer shorts since they keep you cool better.

Can I wear compression shorts to yoga?

Compression garments are great for weight lifting and sprinting because they are designed to apply pressure to the body. For yoga, compression shorts are NOT ideal; you are better off with shorts that move freely as you stretch.

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