Best Online Liquor Stores To Wet Your Whistle

17Everyone envies the guy at the table who can order confidently from the wine menu, the guy that can talk with passion about his favourite vintage whisky and expertly sniffs out the latest craft beer trends. It might sound like a hobby for the wealthy and the pretentious, but these days you don’t need to splash the cash to be a master of liquor.

If you want to become that guy, the mate with the sharp ordering skills, killer IPA collection and impressive tasting palate, all you need are the proper resources. Nobody said you have to spend big, but for those looking to venture beyond a cheap pint of lager, the local newsagent might not be the place to start. To begin your journey as a connoisseur (or just to simplify the weekly booze run), you’ll need our carefully curated list of the biggest online booze stores with the best value around.

Think huge ranges of wines from vineyards across the globe, antique and unusual spirits and carefully-crafted boutique beers- it’s all here.

Online Australian Liquor Shops

Dan Murphy’s

A pioneering Australian staple, Dan Murphy’s brand has been providing an extensive range of bevvies at the lowest attainable prices since 1952. This is the staple delivery service for Australian residents wanting spirits, beer, cider, plus back vintage and hard-to-source wines, the website also offers suggestions for drinks to match with your favourite meal!

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Booze Bud

Booze Bud has a revolutionary marketing strategy: they don’t set prices, they simply match the lowest price going. For bargain prices, you’ll find Indian pale ales and sour beers in addition to Australia’s biggest collections of craft and boutique producers including Garage Project, Black Hops Lay Day and Moon Dog.

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BWS – or Beers, Wines, Spirits – is owned by Woolworths and is the largest liquor retailer in Australia with over 1,300 stores nationwide. It’s online presence, unsurprisingly then, is vast too, and they in tandem, so you can set your local store and see the stock levels of your favourite alcohol. There are frequent special deals to take advantage of, and you can collect rewards points to spend in both BWS and Woolworths.

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My Bottle Shop

Defining themselves as a ‘liquor technology company’ rather than a traditional liquor store, it’s safe to safe My Bottle Shop represents the next generation of liquor delivery service. Delivering throughout Australia, they specialise in spirits, beers and wines that are available only in bars, restaurants, cruise ships and clubs or internationally.

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First Choice Liquor

First Choice Liquor has a sparkling reputation for delivering top value wine bundles and beer packs throughout Australia. The premium selection of Australian wines from the Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills, Marlborough and the South East is complemented by a mean pack of bourbons and Scotch whiskies to delight every palate.

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Online International Liquor Shops

Wine Chateau

After over 40 years in the business, Wine Chateau is one of the most experienced wine retailers online. If size matters to you, you’ll be impressed with the huge range of 17,000 domestic and imported premium wines, delivering flavours from California, Italy, Argentina, France and Australia to palates throughout the United States.

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Delivering beer, wine and liquor across the United States and Canada, Drizly was made famous by their mission to deliver booze in under 60 minutes. The beer selection is impressive, with a range of sour beers, Belgian-style ale and stout. Plus, if you’ve forgotten a colleague’s birthday, they can even send a gift-wrapped bottle of bubbly straight to the office!

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Master Of Malt


Shipping to a huge range of destinations across the globe, Master Of Malt is the go-to site for whisky worshippers. The range includes rare vintage casks over 50 years old and whiskies from Japan, America, Ireland, India, Sweden, The Netherlands, England, Wales, South Africa, Canada Australia and New Zealand.

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Wine On Sale

With over 500 high-quality wines at fabulous prices, the team at Wine On Sale are committed to delivering bargain bottles across the United States. In addition to white, red, sparkling and rosé selections from across the globe, you’ll find collectable tipples including a Game Of Thrones wine pack and a Juggernaut wine selection.

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The USA has been blessed with the world’s biggest wine store in the form of In addition to the classic selections from France, Italy and California, Those looking to broaden their palate can sample wines from lesser-known regions including Greece, Washington and Austria.

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The Whisky Exchange

Delivering to the UK, the USA and parts of West Asia, The Whisky Exchange are a family-run business with a mission to constantly source new products with genuine heritage and quality. They source whisky from Scotland, America, Taiwan, Canada, England, India, Israel, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and France.

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Waitrose Cellar

Grape fanatics from Great Britain rejoice! The Waitrose Cellar stocks a huge variety of vino including fine wine, dessert wine, vegan wine and low alcohol wine and delivers throughout the UK. Not to mention, an impressive selection of juniper, citrus, herbal and floral gins, plus a range Scottish and American whiskies.

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The Whisky Barrel

Founded in Edinburgh, The Whisky Barrel provides fine and rare single malt, single grain Scotch & Irish whiskey to households across the USA, Canada, Europe, China and Australia. In addition to independent and exclusive single cask whisky bottlings, you’ll a range of single cask golden rums from Trinidad, Jamaica and beyond.

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Craft56 has meticulously traversed the small-batch distilleries of Scotland for the most ground-breaking creations on the Scottish craft gin scene. With international shipping to over 20 European countries, hoose from a masterfully curated range of London Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin, Cask Aged Gin and Navy Strength Gin, in addition to a killer selection of Scottish rums.

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Online Liquor Stores FAQ

What is the difference between liquor and liqueur?

Liquor is a term for any distilled beverage with a potent and strong flavor. Liqueur, on the other hand, is distilled spirits made sweet by additional flavorings like sugar, fruits and spices.

What makes a beer craft beer?

Craft beers are made from hand-selected ingredients, with specific flavor palates that vary by batches. They are produced only in small quantities by master brewers.

How to choose a good wine?

For beginners, it is recommended that they start with a lighter-bodied wines like a sweet white or rosé. The sharp bitterness and unique flavor of dry wines or those with high tannins may be off-putting to new drinkers.