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Oriental Fragrances That Will Transform You Into A ‘Dark & Mysterious’ Gentleman

Warm. Opulent. Sensual. Oriental fragrances are exotic and mysterious, designed for the man with confidence and a thirst for adventure. With woody accords and intense notes of amber, vanilla, musk and spices, reclusive wallflowers need not apply. For bolder gentlemen, these are a few of our favourite intoxicating oriental fragrances.

Cologne Intense Oud & Bergamot By Jo Malone

The Jo Malone Intense Collection took its inspiration from the fragrant traditions of the Middle East. Launched in 2010 in collaboration with perfumer Christine Nagel, Oud & Bergamot is a fresh take on a revered wood. The scent is a hypnotic and alluring combination of precious oud, crisp bergamot, lemon, cedar and an orange granite accord.

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Labdanum 18 By Le Labo

Le Labo’s Labdanum 18 debuted in 2006, adding a much-needed enigmatic and sensual fragrance to the Le Labo line-up. Somehow the scent manages to be surprisingly discreet, despite the fact that its ingredients pack a powerful punch. Spicy, musky notes are layered over animal undertones of civet and castoreum, and mixed with a delicate blend of leather and vanilla.

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Atelier d’Orient Rive d’Ambre By Tom Ford

Atelier d’Orient Rive d’Ambre, part of the Tom Ford Private Blend line, was released in July 2013. The scent was inspired by the Asian tradition of presenting precious citrus fruits, considered talismans of good fortune, as gifts. In Tom Ford’s capable hands, the citrus fruits mix with a seductive amber background and notes of bergamot, plum, wisteria, cedarwood and vetiver.

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Eau Lente By Diptyque

Diptyque’s Eau Lente (which means “slow water” in French) is an Oriental spicy fragrance that doesn’t fully reveal its character until it’s been warmed by contact with the skin. The primary ingredient is opopanax, one of the oldest perfumes in the world, once used by the Egyptians in their beauty formulas. Here, it’s mixed with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, coriander and Indian spices.

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Fourreau Noir By Serge Lutens

“Fourreau” in French means a sheath for a dagger as well as a form-fitting dress. For Serge Lutens, Fourreau Noir means lavender, tonka vanilla beans, musk, almonds and smokey accords, which together produce a dark and mysterious fragrance for men. As one of the famous bell jar “Paris Exclusives,” it’s almost completely exclusive to Serge Lutens’ Paris headquarters.

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