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The Best Ballpoint & Fountain Pen Brands To Help You Dominate The Boardroom

Sign away your life – in style.

We all use pens nearly every day, especially those of us who work in the corporate world, whether you’re noting down plans for your next deal or signing cheques.

But it’s not just practicality we look for when using a pen, it should also send out a statement to your associates and clients – a sign that you mean business.

Choosing the right one is just like any other accessory, it should feel comfortable, serve its purpose and fit in with your all round look. Here we’ve highlighted a few of the best pens on the market, so that you can sign off in style.


If you’re looking for a sleek design that sits at the lower end of the price ladder, then this 2 Tone Ballpoint Pen from Danish designers Hay might just be the jotter you’re after. This black ink roller is split into two colours, one half silver-plated copper, the other a refreshing light blue. It’s contemporary, stylish and practical enough for everyday use.

HAY 2 Tone Ballpoint Pen Silver & Bright Blue
HAY 2 Tone Ballpoint Pen Silver & Bright Blue $9

Ten Stationery

Hong Kong brand Ten specialises in contemporary stationery and improving the overall feeling we have when we write. Their Silver Origin Fountain Pen is a combination of minimalistic beauty and functional aesthetic, thanks to its thin shape and smooth metallic shell. For its price it’s a real quality stationery accessory, and perfect for those days in office attire with a calendar packed full of meetings.

Ten Stationery Silver Origin Fountain Pen
Ten Stationery Silver Origin Fountain Pen $75


Stilform was set up by two young German designers in 2013 with the aim of creating a diverse range of home living products. Their Kosmos pen is made from polished titanium and has won countless global awards. It features and Swiss Tungsten tip along with magnetic interiors that help you hold the perfect writing position.

Stilform Polished Tianium Kosmos Pen
Stilform Polished Tianium Kosmos Pen $115


If you’re looking for more of a design classic – then this 2000 Matte Black Fountain pen from German specialists Lamy will have you ready to write. It’s made using a combination of black fibreglass and brushed stainless steel, perfect for the more minimalist eye. It features a 14K gold, platinum-coated nib, and is so celebrated that it is permanently on display at the Museum of Modern Art.

Lamy 2000 Matte Black Fountain Pen
Lamy 2000 Matte Black Fountain Pen $179

Caran d’Ache

In a country famed for its world banks and housing of the world’s elite, its no surprise that Swiss pen manufacturer Caran D’Ache has stayed successful for over 100 years. Their Ecridor Chevron pen is another example of their exquisite writing instruments, a palladium plated rollerball pen that’s thin and sits comfortably in the hand – featuring a v-shaped diamond carved in its body.

CARAN D'ACHE Ecridor Chevron palladium-plated rollerball pen
Caran d’Ache Ecridor Chevron Palladium-Plated Rollerball Pen $240


Taiwanese penmakers YStudio specialise in brass fountain pens and aim to reinvigorate the lost art of writing in a digital world. Their elegant Brass and Copper Fountain Pen comes with its own holder, and could be considered an ideal desk pen, easy to grab and use mid-call or meeting. It comes with a German made filigree gold nib and is coated in a black lacquer that disappears after long term use, leaving traces of your fingertips on the barrel.

Ystudio Portable Brass and Copper Fountain Pen and Holder
Ystudio Portable Brass and Copper Fountain Pen and Holder $260

Graf von Faber-Castell

Here’s one for those more gifted in the world of arts. Graf Von Faber-Castell’s Perfect Pencil is made for those who enjoy sketching, or creative writers that are never far away from jotting down a twist in their narrative. This 4B pencil is made from fluted cedarwood and rounded off with platinum plating. The cap has a clever two in one built-in sharpener and eraser, adding both style and practicality.

Graf von Faber-Castell Magnum Perfect Platinum-Plated Cedar Pencil
Graf von Faber-Castell Magnum Perfect Platinum-Plated Cedar Pencil $586


Smythson has been creating luxury leather accessories for the elite on London’s Bond Street since 1887. Their clientele includes royal families, politicians, and more recently fashion conscious business types. Their handmade Viceroy Rollerball Pen is made from solid silver and comes with a Yard-o-Led guarantee, and is a writing instrument made for the stylish and sophisticated.

Smythson Viceroy Rollerball Pen
Smythson Viceroy Rollerball Pen $708


Alfred Dunhill first set out to make motoring accessories in the 1890s, with his brand since going on to become a leader in quintessentially British luxury fashion. This immaculate Sidecar Palladium-Plated Rollerball Pen has a textured finish with a screw tight lid to avert any risk of ink spill. It’s in the high-end price range, but you certainly get what you pay for, which is a design that’s both highly functional and visually stunning.

Dunhill Sidecar Palladium-Plated Rollerball Pen
Dunhill Sidecar Palladium-Plated Rollerball Pen $1,036

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