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10 Best Rado Watches To Suit Every Budget

The Rado watches we can't get enough og

10 Best Rado Watches To Suit Every Budget

The world of high-end horology isn’t exactly left wanting when it comes to companies that hail from Switzerland. To be a watchmaker born in the landlocked European country means to be one of exquisite craftsmanship and the last word in quality. One such brand to exhibit these qualities and more is Rado.

Founded in 1917, originally as Schlup & Co. by brother Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup, the fledgling company was initially run out their parents’ home. But, due to the trio’s commitment to quality and a penchant for developing some of the finest watch movements at the time, the Schlup brothers were forced to find new digs. Just 25 years after they registered their business name, they were one of the largest makers of movements in the entire country.

The Rado brand was conceived in 1928, but it didn’t see the light of the day until 1953, and began life by offering consumers automatic Rado watches. Rado’s timepieces, like the parent company’s movements, found favour with customers, and the Rado brand too experienced significant growth throughout the remainder of the 1950s. The Captain Cook family of Rado dive watches, first launched in 1962, proved especially popular for the brand. So much so, that the Captain Cook model name survives today.

Like its peers, Rado was keen to find areas within which to innovate and bring something new to market. That happened in 1962 with the launch of the DiaStar 1, which the company claimed was the world’s first scratch-resistant watch, a feat made possible by its hardened steel case and sapphire crystal.

Further innovations came by way of interesting materials, with high-tech ceramic used for the Integral watch, released in 1986.

Today, Rado is in exceptionally capable hands, being under ownership of the Swatch Group, and it continues to produce models of genuine quality and appeal, especially to those who have either followed the brand since its early days, or value heritage, with the Golden Horse – a model first launched in 1957 – still making the lineup.