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20 Best Road Bike Brands For Every Level Of Cyclist

These are the best road bike brands to shop from...

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The best road bike should satisfy the needs of all kinds of riders. If your goal is to stay active, they are a good starting bike because they cause less impact on the body thanks to how they position you on the seat and handlebars. If you are the competitive type, a road bike is the essential race bike that emphasises a speedy and smooth ride that’ll keep you ahead of the pack.

The different types of road bike

While searching for the best road bike, you’ll come across different terms that describe a specific function that the bike can give you. Whether you’re looking for more speed on an early morning ride or to give you an advantage in your next triathlon, finding the right type of bike is key.

An aero bike features a streamlined frame that enhances the natural aerodynamics to increase speed. A race bike has a stiffer frame and has the most responsive handling. Finally, another common type that most bike brands offer is the endurance bike, which are built for comfort on those long rides and to support you up those hills.

The best materials for your bike frames

Ever since the turn of the century, the development of bicycle frames has been rapid and the biggest bike brands now have access to some of the most advanced materials. Understanding what advantages certain materials can give you is another major point to consider when finding a bike that is the right fit for you and your riding style.

Today, the most dominant material for the best road bikes is carbon fibre, because it can easily be molded into shape, making it an ideal material for bike brands to experiment with. It is also the most aerodynamic and seen predominantly in race bikes.

Another common material you’ll come across is aluminum. One of the oldest materials, it has been a pioneer for road bikes and some of the very first road bike brands in history. Over the years the material has evolved and made the most of its lighter weight making it perfect for entry-level bikes.

If you need a new road bike or just want an upgrade, these are the best road bike brands to shop from.