Sokyo’s Sashimi Platter Is To Die For

It was seriously good...

Sokyo’s Sashimi Platter Is To Die For

Growing up in a small country town, I was very late to the sashimi game; I was seventeen years old when I tried raw fish for the first time. But I instantly loved sashimi as well as pretty much all Japanese cuisine. Now, I regularly indulge in a bento box paired with a good sake or a fine Japanese whiskey, so you can bet I instantly said ‘yes’ when I was offered the chance to try Sydney’s most expensive sashimi plate.

Sokyo, the grandiose Japanese restaurant located in Pyrmont’s The Star Sydney Casino, boasts an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Google Reviews and is currently offering a new menu item, the ‘Opulent Sashimi Platter,’ to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Video: Sokyo’s Sashimi Platter Arrives At My Table

Upon arriving at Sokyo, which has a cool, trendy, almost-New-York vibe to it, I was instantly ushered to my table and offered water and a cocktails list; in other words, the customer service was impeccable. I was enjoying my delectable ‘Ocean’s 15’ – a Suntory Roku Gin based cocktail – when the sashimi platter was brought out. And, oh boy, was it a sight to see.

Two staff members carried the huge platter out, and a third set off an impressive dry ice effect. The people sitting at the table next to mine audibly gasped and then asked what I had ordered, looking longingly at the behemoth sashimi plate that sat before me. Excited by the whole spectacle, I enthusiastically grabbed my chopsticks (after taking the obligatory Instagram photo of the food, of course) and dug in.

And, my god. Every ingredient on the platter, which included Tasmanian live lobster, caviar, toro, Japanese tuna belly, ocean trout, scampi, scallop, kingfish, snapper, caviar and assorted sashimi, was simply prepared to perfection; the tuna belly in particular, just melted in my mouth. Honestly, if you consider Japanese food your favourite cuisine, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to the Opulent Sashimi Platter. Words simply don’t do it justice.

Sokyo’s ‘Opulent Sashimi Platter’.

After the delicious meal that I enjoyed at Sokyo on Friday night, I awoke Saturday morning feeling hugely satisfied… I then spent my Saturday afternoon reminiscing about Sokyo’s succulent tuna belly – clearly my favourite from the Opulent platter.

If you’re wanting to try the most delicious sashimi Sydney has to offer you better book in quickly, as it’s only available for lunch and dinner until the 15th of February. And I will warn you, the platter will set you back a cool $688.80, but it’s worth every damn penny if you’re a sashimi fiend like me.

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