Best Slippers For Men To Maximise Comfort & Style At Home

Slip-on in.

Forget what you thought you knew about slippers, they’re not just for your grandad but they are, in fact, a genuinely useful shoe for guys everywhere. Whether they’re keeping your feet warm during winter, protecting your floorboards from damage (and caressing your feet in comfort at the same time), or being something quick and easy to slip on before heading outdoors in winter, slippers are a versatile shoe.

Not all slippers are created equal, however. Not only do you have traditional slippers you’d associate with wearing in the home, but you also have moccasins and house shoes to contend with.

Different types of slippers


Slippers are a lightweight shoe that’s easy to put on and off and are intended to be worn indoors only. Usually crafted with suede or cotton, most slippers feature extremely soft and plushy insoles and can come in different styles such as booties, scuff, clog, sock, etc.

You will also find some slippers with extra tough rubber soles that make them perfect for wearing outside when you just need a quick pair of shoes to take out the trash or grab something from the car. People living in areas that receive heavy snowfall will benefit most from these.


You may find retailers advertising their slippers as moccasins when in actual fact they’re not. Moccasins can be defined as being a heelless shoe made of soft leather which sees the sole being wrapped upwards and being attached to a U-shaped piece of leather that sits on top of the foot. Some slippers may adopt a similar look, but if they’re not made of leather, they can’t be called moccasins.

House Shoes

House shoes are shoes designed to be worn indoors only, as they keep your floors clean and your feet warm. House shoes differ from slippers because they can come in proper footwear styles; think sneakers and boots, and provide more support to your feet than traditional slippers do.

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We’ve rounded up a selection of the very best slippers for men (including moccasins and house shoes) available right now, encompassing a variety of brands and budgets. Your feet will thank you later.

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