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10 Smoking Jackets For Men

Tracking down the best smoking jackets for men.

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The smoking jacket, an originally informal men’s jacket initially intended for tobacco smoking, is now an absolute staple to formal wear. Luxurious, lush, and effortless are just some of the words synonymous when it comes to smoking jackets.

This design is the perfect balance of elegance and trendiness, as it’s a little more relaxed than your standard tuxedo but more refined than a men’s sports jacket – the perfect intersection of effortless luxe.

Though the smoking jacket is universally loved, its initial conception served a particular purpose, as this piece of outerwear was popularised in the 1850s, when Turkish tobacco rose in Britain. After dinner, a gentleman in need of smoke would pop on a smoking jacket, as it would absorb the smoke from a cigar or pipe while protecting clothing from falling ash. However, the smoking jacket’s earlier incarnation can be traced back to the 1600s, where royals often wore them as silk robes. Today, the fashion industry has embraced both the jacket and the robe as inspiration for modern smoking jackets.

Men’s Smoking Jacket FAQs

How do I style a smoking jacket?

Ideally, a smoking jacket looks best when you've paired it with slim-fit trousers, black dress shoes, and an undone white shirt. However, you can mix and match the smoking jacket with different coloured shirts, so long as you aspire to a more formal look; as smoking jackets are not intended for casual wear.

Does velvet absorb smoke?

Yes, velvet is one of the best materials to absorb smoke while keeping it off your other garments. If you plan on smoking or being around smokers, velvet is definitely the best material for your formal suit jacket, as the garment will not smell of smoke and prevent your underlayers from smelling like smoke too.

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