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20 Best Men’s Snowboard Pants For Shredding in 2023

Tear up the snowfields in the best snowboard pants available.

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Choosing the right snowboard pants for a trip to the alps is essential. You want to look fly, but you also need to make sure your bottoms are built with innovative technology that’ll guarantee you’ll stay warm and dry.

Looking for snowboard pants and bibs that are waterproof and breathable is extremely important. You want outerwear that will protect you from a variety of weather conditions, while also making you feel lightweight and comfy. Pants that are stretchy and made from soft fabrics are also a game-changer, as you want a free range of movement while feeling unrestricted as you shred in powder.

Best Snowboard Pants FAQs

Should you get insulated snowboard pants?

If you're looking for optimal warmth, then insulated pants are the way to go. The combination of insulation and heating properties will ensure the heat coming off your body stays trapped in, making it an ideal outerwear option to keep warm in even the iciest of temperatures.

Should snowboard pants be tight?

Snowboard pants should never be too loose or too tight; you want to make sure your bottoms are a happy medium to allow for easy movement. Although opting for a slightly looser fit is recommended for comfort, make sure your pants aren't too baggy as snow may be able to creep in.

Do you wear clothes under snowboard pants?

A longer thermal or underwear is suitable for wearing underneath snowboard pants for additional layering as it will help regulate heat & moisture while you ride. However, try to avoid materials such as wool for base layering as it may be too stretchy against your skin. Instead, try for light and breathable fabrics such as fleece.

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