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18 Best Tank Tops For Men For Cool & Comfortable Workouts

Helping men workout like pros, thes tank tops are the best you can get.

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If there’s a piece of men’s clothing that could be considered underrated, it’s the tank top. While many of us may associate tank tops with gym bros who wouldn’t physically fit into a t-shirt, the men’s tank top is actually an incredibly versatile piece of clothing that all men should get behind.

Yes, they’re incredibly useful to wear to the gym, as they can help promote greater movement in your upper body, along with offering greater airflow. But, they’re also a perfect summer staple and something that men should feel comfortable wearing even if their arms don’t exactly resemble Chris Hemsworth’s.

Men’s tank tops can also be used as a layering piece, being able to be worn underneath unbuttoned shirts, for example, making for a clean yet casual look that offers instant style points.

Fortunately, men’s clothing brands have realised the appeal of the tank top, and so you’ll now find numerous brands producing their own versions. There are slightly different styles of tank top, and this most usually relates to the width of the material over the shoulder and the size of the opening underneath the armpit. We’ll admit, the tight-fitting tank tops with small straps should probably best be avoided.

Men’s Tank Tops FAQs

What is considered a tank top?

A knitted piece of clothing, covering the upper part of the body that has no leaves. Usually, it has wide shoulder straps and no front opening.

Can you wear tank tops under t-shirts?

Yes. You can wear it under a t-shirt, especially in warm weather as it effectively absorbs chest and back sweat. Also, if your t-shirt is a little coarse, wearing a tank top underneath can help avoid chaffing.

Should tank tops be loose or tight fitting?

It depends on how you want to style it and the purpose for its use. If you want to primarily wear it as activewear, It should fall just below your belt loops and should be a little loose and billowy. It shouldn't be super tight, hugging the skin. However, if you want to wear a super fitted and snug tank purely in the name of fashion, go for it!

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