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10 Best Tennis Shoes Brands To Beat The Competition

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Tennis is a game practised by millions around the world. It’s a great cardio workout that allows you to get nice and competitive with your mates, family or even your other half.

Although a couple of rackets and a set of furry balls are essential for stepping out onto the court, there’s also another key accessory that has a major in competitive games – the Tennis shoe.

What to look for with quality tennis shoes

Getting the most out of your performance on the tennis court, on any surface, will be in large part down to the type of shoes you choose. As well as grip and bounce, tennis shoes protect you from injury and support the constant pressure piled onto the soles of your feet. Here’s a couple of things to consider before buying your next pair.

Finding the right fit

Tennis demands a lot more in terms of changing direction than that of running or other daily exercises. This coupled with the fact your feet expand when you sweat means that a little extra room is required. So, getting the right fit is key.


If you’re planning to hit the court on a weekly basis then forking out that little bit more on a solid, durable pair of tennis shoes will save money long term. There is plenty of demands put on tennis footwear, particularly on hard courts, so make sure you buy a quality that’s built to last.


A weighty pair of tennis shoes will quickly impact your leg muscles before you can say ‘game set and match’. In a sport where longevity can often be the difference between winning and losing, a shoe’s weight is a major factor.


Letting your feet breathe properly during play will only add to overall performance. Restrict them of air and they will swell up and start to stiffen up. There are loads of great tennis brands out there who provide ideal solutions to overheating in differing temperatures.

What tennis shoes do the professionals use

Want to know which tennis shoes the pros use? Simply check out their feet during the big tennis tournaments. The likes of Rafa Nadal and Nick Kyrgios can be spotted in the latest pair of Zoom Vapor’s thanks to their sponsorship deals with Nike. If it’s good enough for Rafa it’s good enough for everyone!

Someone who always likes to throw a curveball with his tennis attire is arguably one of the best players the game has ever seen – Mr Novak Djokovic. He’s currently using Asics but has also toyed with Adidas and other brands in the past.

Adidas, for that matter, have a long and successful history in the professional game, creating everything from Stan Smith’s in the 1960s to their latest designs for the likes of Stefanos Tsitsipas. Look further down the rankings and you will see hundreds of professionals wearing a wide range of brands from Puma and Wilson to Reebok and New Balance.

Here we’ve selected some of the best tennis shoes on the market today, whether you’ve got dreams of making it onto your local circuit or just stepping out onto the court for the first time.

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