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18 Best Toiletry Bags For Men To Keep Your Grooming Products Safe

These are the best toiletry bags you need to invest in.

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The humble toiletry bag is no longer a hidden part of the male wardrobe. You can thank the NBA stars for that, as they have turned the once-purely-functional little carry bag into a bonafide style statement. The real question is: why?

The rise of toiletry bags

Whether you call it a toiletry bag, a shaving kit or a Dopp kit, these small bags dedicated to your manly possessions have begun to catch on in recent years thanks to the downsizing of electronic devices and slimming down of wallets. This movement has all but relinquished the need for cumbersome messenger bags when something like a man clutch with a built-in handle will suffice. It’s also the same reason why things like fanny packs are also popular with guys these days.

Features of the best toiletry bags

They might not be seen as much as a regular bag but make no mistake there’s an art in picking the right one. Our advice is to always choose lean, durable and compact toiletry bags. Given they’re going to accompany you on your greatest adventures, it’s important to buy quality toiletry bags wherever possible. That’s not to say the cheaper ones need to be ruled out. If they look good and you’re just using them as a casual day Dopp kit to get around town, the non-leather fabric or polyester ones are just fine. If you intend to make them a part of your outfit, go for the higher-end ones which present as well as they function.

Speaking of function, look for toiletry bags with internal compartments which makes finding your possessions easier. The last thing you’ll want is your keyring grinding up against your $1,000 phone. Also, pay attention to the zipper quality. If it isn’t smooth and feels cheap then forgo it. A broken toiletry bag is the last thing you need to worry about when travelling.

Ready for a new toiletry bag? Pick your poison from our list of best toiletry bags below.