Best Wetsuits 2022: The Wetsuits You Need To Surf Up A Storm No Matter The Temperature

Stay warm and protected in the water in style with some of the best wetsuits for men.

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The most elaborate piece of watersport apparel out there is undeniably the wetsuit. A high-quality wetsuit is essential to invest in as not only will it keep you warm, but it can be performance-enhancing. Wetsuits made from ultra-stretchy neoprene provide you with a full range of movement and motion underwater, and should feel like a second skin, with no sagginess or excessive bunching dragging you down.

There are vital features these suits should possess, and you also need to consider the thickness, style, and the kind of waters you’ll be swimming in. If it’s winter and you’re swimming in icy water, definitely opt for a thick full suit with an easy back entry so that you can slip it on and off effortlessly.

However, if you’re dabbling in warm water, you may want to choose a spring suit as it provides less coverage on the arms and legs, and will be thinner. Fortunately, many wetsuit brands are also becoming eco-friendly, as they’re using safe and sustainable practices to manufacture their products. Considering a brand that’s getting behind this literal wave is something to note as we should support companies helping preserve the environments we love to explore.

Best Wetsuits FAQs

Does a wetsuit keep you dry?

A wetsuit will not keep you dry, but it will keep you warm as they’re made from neoprene - a waterproof, foam rubber material. Additionally, wetsuits that are tightly sealed and thick, are your best bet for staying warm in cold water.

What do I wear under a wetsuit?

Wetsuits keep you warm, so you don’t have you wear anything else underneath. However, most surfers and drivers will wear a swimsuit, board shorts, or undies underneath for an extra layer. For the best results, wear a pair of neoprene shorts that are lightweight to add extra warmth.

Is a 2mm wetsuit warm enough?

The thicker the wetsuit, the warmer it’ll keep you. 2mm wetsuits are best for warm water temperatures, but you can always opt for a ¾ suit or a spring suit for less coverage for water that's not too cold. If you're thinking of swimming or surfing in winter or cold water, go for a thicker wetsuit!

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To help you choose the right wetsuit for you, we’ve uncovered brands creating award-winning wetsuits that not only make style a priority but safety too. Below we have listed a variety of different wetsuits that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials, you’ll want to dive in headfirst.

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