Best Wide Shoes For Men With Oversized Feet

Bigfoot could get a modelling gig with some of these.

For some men, shopping for sneakers, boots and all manner of footwear can be tricky if they’ve been handed some particularly wide feet. Unfortunately for this demographic, not all shoemakers take varying widths into account when making their shoes, instead, sticking to a more universal narrower fit. Fear not flipper-clad guys, for there is still a good number of footwear manufacturers who do look kindly upon you and offer shoes in various widths so that you can find a pair that prove to be unbelievably comfortable.

How Wide Is Wide?

First off, wide fit shoes are just like their normal-sized brethren, sporting the same overall length, but the front section and toe box are extended outwards to help accommodate for wider feet. Wide shoes can also have a higher profile to account for a greater foot depth.

As for what size you are can depend on the manufacturer you want to buy a pair of shoes from as it’s not strictly universal. Each brand will have its own in-house designation for wide fits, so you will need to do a little bit of research online, although, for situations such as this, we’d always recommend going into a store and actually trying some pairs of.

Some brands will use wording: Normal, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide, for example, others will use letters: A, B, D, E etc, and finally, you can also find letters with numbers: 2A, 2E and so on.

In North America, shoes are sized as A, B, C, D, E, EE, EEE, EEEE, F, G, with ‘D’ referring to normal width. But in the UK, C, D, E, F, G, H are used and ‘F’ is used to indicate a normal width. Australia follows the UK system for men and the US for women’s footwear.

Experiment With Different Materials

This is kinda sucky if you work in a conservative office, but softer materials generally suit wider feet more than their less forgiving, hard-leather counterpart. Materials like suede and nubuck stretch and move with your feet more, even if they’re on the more casual side and might not pass the test at work. This isn’t a dealbreaker though, as many of the shoes we’ve included below are perfect for even the stuffiest of corporate environments.

Don’t Fall For The Con

Most shoe salesman will spin the age-old yarn that ‘leather shoes stretch’, and it’s not a complete lie – but it doesn’t really matter. Even if you’re a lazy, sedentary slob whose daily exercise consists of walking from your cubicle to the office snack bar to get a bag of Twisties, your feet will swell up during the day. What feels ‘just a bit snug’ when you’re trying on in a store, is likely to cause a world of pain running for the bus to the outer suburbs after six in the evening.

Go To A Cordwainer

Before you ask ‘what the hell is a cordwainer?’, we should probably remind you that some guys just won’t fit any shoe, even if they’re a wide fit. To prevent a lifetime of blisters, trips to the podiatrists, and an unsightly limp that makes women avoid you, you might want to save some money (ie, a shitload) and hit up a shoemaker. They can fit shoes to specific specifications, add details you can’t get on any other shoe, and provide you with the smug satisfaction of being able to say ‘it’s bespoke, actually’ when your mates at work ask you where you buy your shoes.

But for those who don’t want to go down the bespoke route, we’ve scoured the web to find some of the finest makers of wide-fit shoes you can buy right now.

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