Bold & Woody Fragrances That Will Enhance Your Masculinity

Think nature with a modern touch of masculinity.

A woody fragrance smells like nature. Like hard work. Like adventure. Like…well, like a man should smell. Strong, rich and earthy, we’ve chosen our five favourite woody colognes that epitomise modern masculinity:

Comme Des Garçons Wonderwood

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons is a men’s fragrance introduced in 2010. Practically an ode to woodiness, the scent is composed of agarwood (oud), cedarwood, sandalwood, cypress wood, and gaiacwood, plus mysterious, inviting notes of bergamot, pepper, nutmeg and caraway with a lingering vetiver finish. There’s even an eerie, but beautiful, short film by the Quay Brothers that goes along with it.

BUY $105

Lalique Encre Noire Pour Homme

Lalique Encre Noire Pour Homme includes notes of cypress, vetiver Bourbon, vetiver Haitian, cashmere woods and musk. On the whole, Encre Noire is a dark blend, filled with rich notes of wood that give it a suave, mysterious feel. A delicate sprinkling of pepper and citrus peel brings just a hint of something lighter and more playful to its otherwise deep and elegant scent.

BUY $80

DSquared2 He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood

Dsquared2 goes headfirst into the outdoors with the He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood cologne. As suggested by its name, the fragrance contains masculine wood, amber, incense and musk notes that blend with violet, white pepper and lily to create a unique scent for the rugged, nature-loving man. Vetiver and cedar finish off this earthy composition.

BUY $45

Creed Royal Oud

Wood, leather, marble, and gold. As worn by D’Marge founder, this is sex in a bottle for those evenings out on the town. Oud is carefully extracted from agarwood trees, a resource that grows only in certain parts of India. Oud’s rarity lends to the expense of the fragrance’s coveted raw materials, prized by both the men and women who wear it. A fashionable favourite amongst today’s royals and heads of state, Royal Oud’s universal blend bottles the splendour of palace life across continents.

BUY $400

Tom Ford Oud Wood

With the Private Blend collection, Tom Ford ventures into the world of artisanal fragrance while refusing to be constrained by the conventions of mainstream scent-making. Oud Wood blends warmth from exotic rose wood, cardamom and Chinese pepper with a smoky mix of rare oud wood, sandalwood and vetiver, then finishes off with creamy scents of tonka bean, vanilla and amber.

BUY $255

Woody Fragrances FAQ

What is a woody scent?

Woody scents are warm and earthy, with mossy and leathery notes. They are mostly built on base notes of bark and wood oils including sandalwood, pine and cedar.

Which wood fragrance is for me?

Wood-based fragrances can range from something strong and masculine to fresh and aquatic. Some main notes like cedar has a warm and pleasing smell, but with a more medicinal and resinous bite to it that may not be for everyone.

How to make my woody cologne last longer?

Make sure your skin is moisturized before applying woody cologne. Apply to your pulse points. If you want, you can smear a small amount of Vaseline to make the scent last longer.

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