BMW M3 Touring Destroyed On First Outing Is A Motoring Tragedy

It can do 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds, and it did. Straight into a wall, it looks like.

BMW M3 Touring Destroyed On First Outing Is A Motoring Tragedy

The BMW M3 Touring has only just hit the market and already someone’s completely wrecked one. The weirdest thing? They’re trying to sell it…

Some unlucky punter in Reichenburg, a town in north-eastern Switzerland, is selling his totalled BMW M3 Touring for the princely sum of 73,000 CHF (~79,000 USD / 114,380 AUD). Considering that prices for a new M3 Touring start at 128,800 CHF, that could be a great deal – if one was willing to sort out all the damage.

There’s no getting around it: this Beamer’s been in a serious accident, likely at high speed. Its front end is properly pancaked: nothing remains of the car’s iconic kidney grille, it’s missing a headlight and the hood is very bent – to say nothing of the radiator and the intercooler.

According to the listing, the engine runs but the car cannot be driven because the transmission oil cooler is defective (which is a nice way of saying that it’s completely munted). More concerning is that the right strut tower is apparently completely bent. There’s probably more significant structural damage, too.

The interior’s better… But still not ideal.

On the plus side, the car comes with two keys, only has 2,300kms on the clock, and the interior is pretty mint, although a number of airbags have gone off. It’s also the top-of-the-line spec, Touring xDrive Competition M. Still, we can’t imagine how much it would cost to restore this Ultimate Driving Machine to full working order… Might just be easier to part it out.

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We’re being flippant here but actually, this is a bit of a tragedy. The BMW faithful have been clamouring for an official M3 wagon for years, so we can only imagine the anguish this poor Swiss motoring enthusiast must be feeling having finally got their fast BMW wagon only to wreck it only a few months (or even weeks) into owning it.

Check out the listing for this beat-up Beamer here.