Bodybuilder Reveals Why It’s Better To Be Short In The Gym

"Your arms are this f**cking long".

Bodybuilder Reveals Why It’s Better To Be Short In The Gym

Image: @gabenovictim

Tall men of the world, have you ever felt like no matter how hard you push yourself in the gym that your shorter mates just seem to pile on the muscle with ease? Well, you’re not alone…

Men’s height is one of their greatest areas of concern, with some dropping thousands of dollars to gain a precious few inches of verticality, and others seeking out guidance on how they can dress to combat their Lilliputian proportions.

But in the gym, this issue can be more pointed than anywhere else. Taller guys, prone to looking a little lankier, often feel that no matter how heavy they lift or how many hours they spend in the iron paradise, their shorter gym bros seem to full out faster.

This week, one TikTok-famous bodybuilder published a video that seems to vindicate these feelings. Gabe Gennace, self-proclaimed “tall guy”, airs his frustrations about his shorter counterparts having thicker arms and an all-round bulkier look despite having training for less time.

WATCH Gabe Gennace explain why short guys have it easier below.

Unsurprisingly, fans have taken to the comment with strong and divided opinions. Many have ridiculed him, with the top comment reading: “If it takes u over a decade to ‘fill out’, that’s on you”. Others have come in to support him, saying that “being 6’2 is a blessing and a curse”.

The remainder has happily turned to ridicule, much of it in a delightfully depreciating manner:

“You’re on thin ice, pal! (I’m standing on a stepstool by the way…)”


It’s a contentious issue, but the logic makes some sense: taller guys have longer limbs, and so it takes a longer time to build the muscle required to make their muscles look as “thick” as their shorter counterparts, who will end up with bigger looking muscles when consuming the same amount of calories and training to the same intensity.

Though the evidence is mostly anecdotal, there are many other ways in which men can face different challenges in the gym depending on their height. For tall men, one of the main challenges is finding equipment that fits their body size. Many weightlifting machines, benches, and racks are designed with the average-sized person in mind.

Additionally, taller men may struggle with certain exercises such as squats and deadlifts due to their longer limbs and greater range of motion.

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, who played ‘The Mountain’ in Game Of Thrones, stands at 6’9 and is a good piece of evidence for those suggesting this mentality is flawed. Image: HBO

Short men, on the other hand, may have an easier time with certain exercises such as pull-ups and overhead presses due to their more compact stature. However, they may face challenges when it comes to building muscle mass and increasing strength, as their smaller frame may limit the amount of weight they can lift and put an unwelcome ceiling on the intensity of their workouts.

Whether you buy into this argument or simply think that this bodybuilder is making a fuss about nothing, it’s hard to deny that men will always find a way to make height a heated debate. As a man on the taller side, I’m not complaining. Any day that I’m gifted with another excuse for minimal gains is a good day, so far as I’m concerned.