Boeing's New 787 Business Jet Is The Flying Penthouse You Can't Afford

Boeing 787 Business Jet

Penthouses are often a fickle affair what with all that gleaming empty space to clean and the pesky peasants living below you cramping your style. Your life really couldn’t be any fuller of despair.

Thankfully there’s a solution in the belly of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner – a private jet modified by aviation consultancy group, Kestal Aviation. Pierrejean Design Studios and Greenpoint Technologies who helped design the interior of the flying penthouse ensured that no nook or cranny was neglected with luxury bespoke appointments taking more than two years to engineer, fabricate and implement.

This leaves the lucky passengers with 223 square metres of prime penthouse space in the skies to play with during 17-hour non-stop flight times. If you’re a good friend, there’s even room for 39 of your best Snapchat pals.

The cost for ultimate bragging rights? US$325 million. Shut up and take my money. We’ll put the rest on credit.