Bondi Man Inundated With Female Admirers After Posting Genius Rental Listing

Don't hate the player, hate the rental market.

Bondi Man Inundated With Female Admirers After Posting Genius Rental Listing

Image: Facebook

A local genius who recently relocated to Bondi, Sydney, has identified a loophole in the dating game from which a lot of men could take note.

The dating game has never been an easy game to win and, as a result, men across Australia have found themselves resorting to increasingly creative means to attract a potential partner. Whether that be getting ChatGPT to write their dating profiles — not a move we recommend — or spicing up their s*x lives with the help of viral aphrodisiac chocolates, it’s safe to say that men are in need of a helping hand.

However, one newly transplanted Syndeysider may have found a dating life hack that turns Sydney’s ongoing rental crisis into a love-life shortcut. The man, who has just moved down to the NSW capital from the Gold Coast and set himself up in the desirable suburb of Woolhara — which we assume makes for an easy commute to his new university job — took to Facebook in an attempt to find a roommate which whom he could share the burden of rent.

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Though the man openly stated in his post that he was equally happy to accept inquiries from both men and women — though, quite understandably, no couples or pets — it was from the local ladies that he received a swarm of interest and offers. While the already attractive price of $500p/w for a room in such an affluent suburb may have had its part to pay, the overwhelmingly skewed response must have been down to something else…

The listing in question. Image: Facebook

If you take a closer look at the post, there are some pretty self-evident “green flags”: not only is the man employed and therefore meets the bare minimum requirement of any roomate — that is, being able to reliably pay his own share of the rent — but he also boasts of his love for a clean environment, ability to cook, and active lifestyle.

The results speak for themselves. Image: Facebook

Whatever your orientation or inclination, you can’t deny that these are widely considered to be pretty desirable characteristics for a romantic partner and roommate in equal measure. The ace up this man’s sleeve, however, and one that was no doubt pointed out by the swathes of understandably envious men who stumbled upon this post, is that he’s an undeniably good-looking chap.

The curiosity of many women in the group was piqued by the post. Image: Facebook

Whatever the magic ingredient may have been, the response speaks for itself. The comments section of the post was flooded by women, some of whom asked if he, like the room, was available to rent and others simply chose to tag their other female friends, alerting them to what they consider to be a fantastic deal. One even threatened to leave her current houseshare, in full knowledge that it would inspire the wrath of her current roomies.

However you feel about this stumbled-upon dating loophole — and whether you think the response is down to the man’s lifestyle, looks, or ample good luck — an age-old idiom seems more apt than ever: don’t hate the player, hate the game.