$13,500 A Week Bondi Beach Rental Is The Perfect ‘Kick On’ Pad

Talk about luxury...

$13,500 A Week Bondi Beach Rental Is The Perfect ‘Kick On’ Pad

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Sydney Rentals be crazy – For just under fourteen grand a week, you can rent huge penthouse apartments that have beautiful views of Bondi Beach.

Bondi is home to Australia’s most famous beach but that’s one of the main reasons it’s one of the most expensive places to live in New South Wales.

And if you’re wondering just how pricey rental properties can get, take a look at this opulent apartment now available for rent in the famed Aussie suburb.

Talk about luxury. Image Credit: Domain

This beachfront apartment – available for a whopping $13, 500 a week – is a four-bedroom penthouse, located on Campbell Parade. Obviously, as it’s beachfront, it has seriously stunning views of Bondi Beach.

That’s not a pool; this is a pool… Image Credit: Domain

Spanning over two floors, the apartment has a private sky pool, a spacious living room, multiple balconies and five bathrooms. The top floor of the apartment is essentially the master bedroom but it’s huge; it has an en suite, lounge area and private deck.

The $13, 500 weekly rental fee does include all utilities and the apartment comes fully furnished; what a bargain, right?

There’s a few penthouses currently up for grabs in Bondi. Image Credit: Domain

It is when compared to another penthouse that’s also currently available for rent. Located on Campbell Parade too, this apartment shares many of the same features as the first one: it’s $13, 500 per week (including utilities), it’s a double-story, has awesome views of Bondi Beach and comes fully furnished.

Imagine waking up to this view. Image Credit: Domain

However, despite being the same price, this penthouse only has three bedrooms and four bathrooms; and doesn’t have a pool… But who needs a pool when the beach is literally just there?

To be completely honest, both apartments look incredible and if I had that much money to play around with, I’d definitely be booking an inspection ASAP…

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