Bruce Willis Has Sold Off An Incredible $86 Million Property Empire

“Bruce has been preparing for this moment for a long time."

Bruce Willis Has Sold Off An Incredible $86 Million Property Empire

Image Credit: Douglas Elliman/Getty Images

After it was recently announced that Bruce Willis, the veteran Emmy-winning actor, was retiring due to being diagnosed with aphasia, – a brain disorder that leaves Willis unable to communicate effectively with others – it became clear why the Die Hard actor began selling off some of his incredible and luxurious houses for less than the original asking prices.

According to Page Six, Willis has known about his health condition for quite some time and decided years ago to downsize and reside with his family in California. In fact, a source close to Willis told Page Six,

“Bruce has been preparing for this moment for a long time. He knew there would be a time, as his health declined, when his earning power wouldn’t be as great as it once was.

Plus, he knew that he wouldn’t eventually need multiple estates and apartments to travel between and that he would instead need to live in a safe environment surrounded by his family.”

While Willis has sold roughly US$65 million (AU$86 million) worth of property over the last few years, almost every time he sold a property, Willis settled for much less than what he originally wanted. It seems that because Willis was aware of his declining health, he was simply keen to offload his properties; even if it meant losing money.

In 2018, Willis’ six-bedroom duplex, located in New York City’s Central Park West, went for a whopping US$17.75 million.

Willis’ former Westchester property. Image Credit: Douglas Elliman

However, again in 2018, Willis wanted US$15 million for his mansion located in Sun Valley, Idaho but ended up selling it for much less – and got just US$5.5 million for it.

In 2019, Willis sold his Westchester, New York estate for US$7.66 million; taking a loss of US$4.43 million, as the actor and his wife, Emma Herring bought the property – which boasts five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms and sits on 13.56 acres – for US$12 million in 2014.

Also in 2019, Willis sold his beachfront compound located on the Turks and Caicos Islands, which featured a five bedroomed main house, a yoga pavilion, a pool, and two guest ‘casitas’ (small cabins), for a cool US$27 million. Although it was originally listed for US$33 million; a difference of US$6 million.

Willis’ former Turk and Caicos property. Image Credit: Provo Pictures/Turks & Caicos So

And most recently, in 2021, Willis sold a plot of land, also located on the Turks and Caicos Islands, for US$6 million.

However, this probably won’t financially affect Willis too much, as according to, the actor is retiring with an impressive net worth of US$250 million.

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