This Is What It's Like To Fly In A $21,000 First Class Seat

Casey Neistat

YouTube personalities don’t fly like the masses. Some of us are proud business class customers. Some of us are just excited when free peanuts are passed out. Either way, we’re nowhere near living the luxe life of vlogger Casey Neistat.

Neistat (who couldn’t look less prepared for the experience in a backwards baseball cap) was recently given a first class upgrade on an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York City. Fortunately for those of us who won’t be granted the same privilege any time soon, he decided to take YouTube viewers along for the ride.

And what it ride it is. There’s a private cabin with retractable doors, a huge touchscreen entertainment system, a personal wet bar, an order-anytime menu, a sleek amenities kit, even a shower. Need a snack? There’s a bowl full of them. Need to take notes for your next business meeting? There’s a writing kit. Need a mid-air refresh? There’s a mirrored compartment of grooming products. It’s basically a hotel room in the sky.

Curious about exactly how good he got it, Neistat decided to look up the the cost of a first class ticket from JFK to DXB. The regular price clocked in at a whopping $21, 635.30 USD ($28,680.72 AUD) – which, somehow, is still not the most expensive seat in the sky. That honour currently goes to the 3-room suite called ‘The Residence’ aboard Etihad’s Airbus A380.

Check out Casey Neistat’s incredible all-access tour above. You’ll be plotting your own path to YouTube stardom before it’s over.