Cask Bespoke Whisky Has Arrived In Australia


There are days when hitting up the local drinking hole just doesn’t cut it. You know what we’re on about. Tap beer begins to taste like grandma’s stale punch and your favourite bartender is leaving you for a cult.

What you need is a moment away to indulge in the finer drinks in life; to embark on a fresh new journey. Enter CASK, Australia’s latest bespoke luxury whisky service which is set to deliver some of the most memorable whisky experiences to your shindig.

CASK is a new venture headed by purveyors of whisky for purveyors of whisky. Their mission is to introduce Australians to the fine art of boutique, tailor made Scotch whisky. This can be accomplished via numerous formats including milestone celebrations, corporate functions, team building and networking events.

Given the exclusive nature of the bespoke whisky experience, CASK have capped their whisky sessions to 10 – 25 people in order to ensure that everyone goes home with a newfound knowledge and appreciation for the drink.

The bespoke experience is only limited to your own imagination and penchant for being inquisitive. CASK offer four unique tasting packages:

The 3.4.4:  An engaging look at how Scotch Whisky is made and the differences between Single Malts, Blended Malts, Blends and Single Grain Whiskies

Tour The Tastes Of Scotland: A taste discovery through Scotland that looks at the differences in flavour and style of Single Malt Whiskies from the Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside and Islands

The Garden Of Scotland: A sensory journey through the most beautiful whisky producing region. From the lush Glens to the mighty river Spey CASK looks at why over 60% of Single Malt Whiskies come from Speyside

The Big Smoke: A big peaty look at the world of smoky Single Malt Whiskies and what gives them their punch

Depending on the package, each experience is designated as CASK or Premium CASK with prices ranging from $80 per person for the former (5 deluxe whiskies) and $120 per person (5 super deluxe whiskies) for the latter.

Going beyond the norms is also at your disposal with CASK offering fully tailored experiences to suit your most demanding whisky endeavours.

For more details hit up CASK to kick off your new love affair with the good stuff.