Want A Superyacht? This One’s Going Cheap

Well, relatively cheap...

Want A Superyacht? This One’s Going Cheap

Image Credit: Boat International

A supreme court has ruled that Axioma, one of the seized Russian superyachts, is to be sold at auction. And it’ll most likely go for a steal…

Many of us dream about one day owning a superyacht of our own. But as they’re notoriously expensive to purchase, not to mention how much the upkeep of a superyacht costs, it sadly just isn’t a reality for most people.

With that being said, if you’re desperately wanting a superyacht, there’s currently a rare opportunity to purchase one for [relatively] cheap.

According to superyacht vlogger, eSysman SuperYachts, Axioma – one of the first superyachts owned by a Russian oligarch to be seized – will be auctioned off.

The Gibraltar Supreme Court, where Axioma has been since it was seized, ruled that the superyacht had to be sold to pay off a $21.5 million loan Pyrene Investments (the company that runs Axioma) currently owes to J.P. Morgan.

And due to the superyacht’s ties to Russia – Axioma’s owner is Russian billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky – and because the superyacht market isn’t exactly booming, it’s likely that Axioma won’t sell for its $75 million market value. In fact, it’ll likely sell for much less.

Axioma is a 236-foot (or 72-meter) vessel that boasts an elegant design and a stylish painted-blue exterior. Axioma also features room to sleep 12 guests, a private cinema, a formal dining room and a pool.

With all those impressive features, if you’ve got a spare few million, why not make a bid at Axioma’s auction? You might walk away with an absolute bargain…

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