Chinese ‘Time Traveller’ Cancels Flight Destined To Crash Like MH370, According To Midflight Meltdown

Sci-Fi vibes in Chinese skies.

Chinese ‘Time Traveller’ Cancels Flight Destined To Crash Like MH370, According To Midflight Meltdown


In a bizarre and wholly unsettling incident, footage from Chinese social media has surfaced showing a passenger’s midflight meltdown that left fellow travellers astonished, alarmed, and keen to disembark…

Travel is always marred by unexpected obstacles — from a man urinating all over business class to a disgusting sock-stuffed seat, from a woman being publicly weighed in the airport to a hostess being beaten with an in-flight phone — but this incident might just take the biscuit for the wildest in-flight incident we’ve seen this year. A Chinese flyer, claiming to be a time traveller, caused such a commotion on their taxiing flight that the journey had to be cancelled, with passengers fearing for their safety.

The man claimed to be trapped in the sixth iteration of a “time loop” — having already experienced the same flight multiple times over — before going on to reveal that the aircraft on which he and his fellow passengers were preparing to depart had already crashed in the version of the future from which he had already returned, resulting in the tragic loss of all passengers on board. Believing he had returned to this precise moment to warn everyone on the flight of their impending fate, he drew eerie comparisons to the notorious Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

WATCH: Things get chaotic as the passenger speaks their truth…

Adding to the understandable confusion, the man further claimed that one of the airline flight attendants wasn’t actually human but rather a robot, alleging that this “robot” was merely “changing her battery” whilst on board the plane, raising yet more eyebrows and intensifying the already surreal atmosphere onboard. Moreover, the man went on to make disturbing statements about how everyone onboard needed a “reset” due to their jobs being a modernised form of slavery for which they were being compensated with money from sinister and unknown sources.

The situation led to panic among his fellow passengers, with an atmosphere of unease rapidly spreading throughout the aircraft. As a result, the flight was eventually cancelled as too many people were unnerved by the passenger’s unsettling proclamations, as reported by View From The Wing.

Authorities swiftly intervened and detained the man, transporting him to a medical facility for a comprehensive evaluation, designed to determine whether the claims were indicative of a mental health crisis or if there were other factors contributing to his distressed state of mind. Regardless, we wish him well.

In a very curious piece of coincidental timing, this incident has garnered significant attention in English-speaking countries due to its uncanny resemblance to a similar incident on an American Airlines flight earlier this month, wherein a female passenger opted to deplane after expressing concern over the presence of someone “not real” on her flight. These incidents have sparked discussions online about the intersection of mental health, social media, and even our perceptions of reality itself.

As the curtains close on this mind-bending in-flight spectacle, we can’t help but wonder if we’ve just witnessed the debut of a real-life sci-fi drama at 30,000 feet. Here’s hoping future flights bring us all smoother skies and fewer time-travelling tales to ponder.