Clive Palmer’s $40 Million Superyacht Crashes In Singapore, Billionaire’s Whereabouts Unknown

You can't park there, mate.

Clive Palmer’s $40 Million Superyacht Crashes In Singapore, Billionaire’s Whereabouts Unknown

Image: 9News

Clive Palmer’s extravagant $40 million superyacht, ‘Australia’, has found itself stranded off the shores of Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Clive Palmer has always been one of Australia’s most divisive billionaires, thanks in no small part to his decision to buy Adolf Hitler’s old Mercedes and his tone-deaf decision to hike rental prices on his Queensland properties in the middle of the cost of living crisis.

Now, however, he’s found himself in a rather sticky situation: Palmer’s extravagant $40 million superyacht, Australia, found itself stranded off the shores of Sentosa Island, Singapore. Locals and onlookers were left in awe as the Australia ran aground during its departure from Sentosa Island’s marina.

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As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald and 9News, even in a region known for its ultra-wealthy elite, this mishap quickly became the centre of attention. The 56-meter luxury vessel, renowned for its opulent features including a jacuzzi, bars, and a VIP suite, has been a symbol of Palmer’s vast wealth and accompanying extravagance since acquiring it in 2021.

As the evening slowly unfolded and the sun dipped below the horizon, the yacht remained stuck approximately one kilometre from the shoreline. Despite the bustling waters of the Singapore Strait and the presence of a police speedboat, no immediate rescue operation was initiated. The yacht seemed to have navigated inside a buoy marking shallow waters, an unusual and potentially costly error.

“It’s very, very difficult to make this kind of mistake, so maybe they had some problem with the motor,” commented an eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous…

“This is just at the exit of the marina; it is absolutely clear that you can’t put the boat between those two buoys. You can’t do that. Even if you are a jet skier like me, you know that. So I think they must have had a problem with the boat, the motor.”

Anonymous Witness

Speculation continues as to whether Palmer was on board during the incident. The Marine Traffic website indicated that the yacht had recently registered a trip to Port Moresby, though it never enjoyed this journey due to the unexpected incident. At present, no official statement has been issued by Palmer or his spokesperson regarding the situation.

Here’s where the yacht is stuck. Image: Marine Traffic/SMH

The area where the yacht ran aground is typically considered to rest at a depth of five meters. Locals suggested that if the Australia had struck sand instead of reef and sustained minimal damage, the rising tide later that night might facilitate an easy release. However, the afternoon’s low tide was exceptionally low, making unfortunate timing a crucial factor at play here.

As this strange maritime spectacle rolls on, questions remain about the circumstances leading to the grounding, the future of the superyacht, and — perhaps most puzzlingly of all — Palmer’s own whereabouts.

Australia watches with bated breath to see if its namesake superyacht can survive its unlucky ordeal off the Singaporean coast.