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Cool Side Tables For The Modern Gentleman

The humble side table is often a neglected piece in the furniture family, much like an unloved evil twin to cool side tables. But its place in a modern man’s room shalt not be underestimated. Ever.

Not only do they provide the perfect spot to nestle and access your most frequented items, they also do it within a very limited space which makes it perfect for apartment life next to a cool bed or sofa. On the image front, it can also show a potential date your ability to not Blu-tac your worldly possessions to the wall – R.I.P my Sarah Michelle Gellar poster.

And because we consider you quite the stylish dweller, we’re taking a step away from the drab designs of yore and bringing you up to scratch with these twenty designer-inspired cool side tables guaranteed to put your larger coffee brethren to shame.

Cool Side Tables FAQ

How to pick a side table?

Ideally, your side table should be equal to or just below the sofa arm seat next to it. This creates a visual flow in the room, as well as allow for easy reach for whatever item is on top of it.

What is the difference between a side table and an end table?

Side tables have larger surface areas than end tables. Since they also have stronger style elements, they are more visible in a space and enhance the overall design of a room.

What is the standard size for side tables?

Most side tables are between 22 to 30 inches (56 to 76 centimeters) tall. For diameter, it can range between 18 to 26 inches. Smaller ones can be 15 inches.