'Very Honest, Totally Cringeworthy': This May Be The Most Hilarious Tinder Profile Of All Time

From bad dates, great profiles grow.

Guys, when it comes to online dating, in particular, dating apps such as Tinder, you need to make sure you stand out from the sea of shameless gym selfies; washboard abs and even the odd eggplant emoji. That’s where the bio section of your profile comes in; a space for you to share what interests you, what sort of person you are and ultimately create a great first impression for damsels in dating distress.

No matter how good you think your bio may be, it will pale in comparison to the profile The Poke found for this anonymous user. We’re constantly told that honesty is the best policy, and that’s exactly what this bachelor has done. Describing a previous date gone horribly wrong, what should be an embarrassing and cringe-worthy story, actually comes across as a hilarious anecdote.

Giving us all a lesson in how to casually make a mockery of yourself, the then 20-year-old tells us of a time he failed to pull off the oldest move in the book for men wanting to take things to the next level with their newfound companion. What should have been a simple yawn, stretch and arm around the shoulder movement, turned into an awkward ordeal for our singleton that saw him resting his arm on his date’s head for a solid five minutes.

He doesn’t tell us how his armrest date reacted, but as he’s on Tinder five years later, it’s probably safe to say it didn’t end well.

So guys, take heed. Be open and honest in your Tinder profile, just don’t make a tit of yourself when you manage to secure yourself a date.

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