David Beckham’s 45 Minute Workout Will Destroy You

Train with the Becks.

David Beckham’s 45 Minute Workout Will Destroy You

Image: @f45_training

David Beckham has announced he has developed his own workout for F45, which will likely be coming to a studio near you, very soon.

David Beckham may not be a professional footballer anymore – he now owns his own football club, Inter Miami CF, to make up for that fact – but he has remained lean and athletic since he hung up his boots and has achieved his lean physique through a constant workout program.

We’ve waxed lyrical here at DMARGE about David’s various workouts that he performs either in the gym or at home, but in 2020, David invested in the F45 cult community and just one day ago, David revealed he has now curated his own football-inspired workout for F45 – called DB45 –in collaboration with his celebrity trainer and F45’s Chief of Athletics, Gunnar Peterson.

Taking to Instagram to make the announcement, David captioned his post, “Got to create my own workout with @gunnarfitness for @f45_training, can’t wait for you all to try it.” The post, unsurprisingly, received plenty of likes and comments, including one from Mark Wahlberg, who has also invested in the global fitness brand.

David’s wife, Victoria Beckham, also commented, asking “Do I need to start this???” and plenty of others deliberating whether David’s new workout means the man himself will appear at their local studio in the future to teach it.

F45 training revolves around circuit-based training, and so that’s exactly what David has come up with. Going by the video he posted to his Instagram, he reveals four of the exercises in the circuit, although a press release reveals DB45 will be an “11-station, football-inspired cardio class.”

Further nods to David’s footballing career include alternating set timings of 32 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, and 23 seconds work, followed by 20 seconds rest, with these figures inspired by his previous shirt numbers. The finisher at the end of the circuit will comprise 7 x 30 second bodyweight exercises.

David Beckham’s DB45 F45 workout is set to launch today, May 11th.

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