Did David Beckham Accidentally Reveal A New ‘People’s Rolex’?

Golden Balls lets one through to the keeper.

Did David Beckham Accidentally Reveal A New ‘People’s Rolex’?

Tudor makes some of the best Swiss watches on the planet. They’re exceptional timepieces, and more or less sell themselves – but it was an absolute masterstroke for the ‘People’s Rolex’ brand to sign David Beckham as a brand ambassador.

Since 2017, the legendary ex-football player and international style icon has been one of the Swiss watch brand’s most high-profile partners, alongside other stars such as Lady Gaga, Jay Chou and the All Blacks (the New Zealand national rugby league team). The stylish, sporty Englishman is the perfect ambassador for their stylish, sporty, English-monikered timepieces.

It’s a collaboration both parties seem very happy with. Last year, Tudor even gifted Beckham his very own, one-of-a-kind Inter Miami-branded Pelagos to celebrate his football team’s success. Now, in 2021, Tudor seems to have blessed Becks with yet another unique Pelagos – but this one’s arguably a lot more interesting.

Earlier this week, Beckham shared a cheeky photo of himself behind the wheel of his car, captioned ‘game time countdown’ and giving his 69.2 million Instagram followers a pretty good look at an as-of-yet unreleased variant of Tudor’s flagship titanium dive watch. Horological researcher & expert watch spotter Nick Gould (@niccoloy) was quick to point out that we’ve never seen a Pelagos like this before, meaning it’s likely some sort of prototype.

Image: @davidbeckham via @niccoloy

There are three key features of this leaked Pelagos that are noteworthy. Firstly, it features a navy blue dial and bezel; colours we haven’t seen on a Pelagos before. It’s a handsome look that evokes some of the dive watches Tudor produced for the Marine Nationale, the French Navy, from the 50s to the 80s.

Secondly, the bezel has a slightly different, fully hashed design. Current Pelagos models only feature hashing between 0 and 15. Finally, this model doesn’t have a date window, whereas all previous Pelagos watches have had a date window.

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All in all, it’s a pretty good looking, no-frills piece that we’d imagine sell like hotcakes if it makes its way into production. Being that Becks tagged Tudor in the post, we can safely assume this is all part of their marketing strategy for the thing… It’s working, we guess.

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