David Beckham’s Shockingly OCD Wardrobe Is Actually A Menswear Masterclass

On-pitch perfection starts at home...

David Beckham’s Shockingly OCD Wardrobe Is Actually A Menswear Masterclass

Image: Netflix

In his new Netflix docuseries BECKHAM, football legend David Beckham candidly opens up about his life with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), including his immaculate wardrobe.

Recent months have seen an explosion of sports-adjacent documentaries hitting streaming platforms everywhere, with interest in Formula 1, tennis, and even the EPL rocketing as a result. Most recently, David Beckham’s dedicated docuseries has revealed swathes about the footballer’s private life, including his struggles with mental health.

This includes his OCD, which results in a meticulous approach to his wardrobe and daily routines. One of the standout moments in the series occurs when Beckham discusses his nighttime ritual, which involves an almost ritualistic cleaning of every candle in his vast Holland Park house as well as meticulous wick trimming…

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As reported by The Mirror, director Fisher Stevens asks if Beckham’s kitchen had ever been used, given its pristine condition. Beckham reveals that he cooked there the previous night but takes immense pride in “cleaning so well” afterwards that you can barely tell… However, his dedication to cleanliness goes beyond the kitchen:

“When everyone’s in bed, I then go around cleaning the candles, turning the lights on to the right setting. I make sure everywhere is tidy because I hate coming down in the morning and there’s cups and plates and bowls. It’s tiring.”

David Beckham

The docuseries also includes a revealing throwback clip from Beckham’s teenage years, where he expresses his dislike for untidiness. The film then cuts to the present day where viewers are given access to Beckham’s meticulously organized wardrobe. The footballer says this:

“It’s all quite organized, jackets, jean shirts, shirts and then it goes from jumpers, cardis to T-shirts, underwear socks and then suits.”

David Beckham

Beckham’s wardrobe is not just organized by clothing type but fully colour-coordinated, with outfits prepared up to a week in advance. In a statement that reveals how his condition may be getting more intense with age, Beckham said this:

“Those are my outfits for the rest of the week, I prep my week. It used to just be the night before…”

David Beckham

His clothes are also carefully stacked so that he has maximum visibility across all his favourite garments. Even the slightest deviation — such as hangers that are too close together, a clue revealing that someone else has “been in there” without Beckham’s permission — raises alarms in his perfectly ordered world.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, as defined by the NHS, is characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours. While symptoms can manifest early in life, it often begins during puberty and early adulthood.

David Beckham’s revelation about his OCD challenges offers a unique perspective on the mind of a sports icon and fashion enthusiast. His meticulous approach to his wardrobe may seem extreme to some, but it’s also a testament to his unwavering commitment to perfection in every aspect of life.