Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Plot, Release Date & More

Deadpool returns to our screens this July; here's everything we know.

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Plot, Release Date & More

Deadpool 3 is arguably the most anticipated release of 2024, bringing back the MCU’s most-loved characters for the third time in Marvel’s only release of the year. Here’s everything we know ahead of the July 2024 release.

Deadpool 3 has now officially finished filming in the UK ahead of its highly anticipated release on 25 July 2024. In true Deadpool fashion, Ryan Reynolds posted an image of Deadpool’s crotch to Instagram, thanking Deadpool 3‘s cast and crew for braving the English weather to produce the third instalment of his celebrated superhero trilogy.

Hugh Jackman is returning to his iconic role as Wolverine alongside Reynolds’ Deadpool and the pair will be joined by celebrated Deadpool director and writer Shawn Levy for the third film.

Deadpool 3 Plot

Image: 20th Century Fox

Whilst there is no official plot synopsis yet, rumours for the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie are rife after the official Marvel website in Japan added an official plot for the upcoming film.

In a direct translation from Japanese to English, which can of course carry some errors, it says: “The irresponsible hero Deadpool will change the history of the MCU with Wolverine!?”

With the news that Hugh Jackman is returning to the role of Wolverine, alongside Matthew Macfadyen’s introduction as Paradox, a time agent, it’s safe to assume that Deadpool 3 could feature a time travelling element, consistent with MCU projects Loki and The Avengers.

Deadpool 3 Hugh Jackman

In the worst-kept secret since the return of all the Spider-Man actors in No Way Home, Deadpool 3 will see Australia’s favourite son Hugh Jackman return to his iconic role of X-Men’s Wolverine even after publicly stating he was done with the MCU character after his 2017 flick, Logan.

In Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine – spoilers – he dies. Fans were rightly concerned that reprising the role that Jackman has honoured for more than two decades would understandably undo what many considered to be the perfect ending to the character in the grittier take on Logan.

If anyone could get Hugh out of semi-retirement it would be long-time best friend Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool director Shawn Levy who returns to the franchise after helming the first two instalments, Deadpool and Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 3 Cast

Ryan Reynolds will of course return in the titular role of Deadpool; Hugh Jackman makes his MCU return as Wolverine after publicly stating he was done with the X-Men character.

Rumours have been circulating about the return of Jennifer Garner to the superhero genre, with IMDb including the American star in the film’s cast, in a familiar role as Elektra. It will be the first time Garner has reprised her role as Marvel’s warrior assassin found in the Daredevil comics.

With a new Daredevil: Born Again series rumoured to be streaming on Disney+ sometime this year, Deadpool 3 could also be canon for Phase Five of the MCU.

Deadpool 3 Matthew Macfadyen

Image: HBO

Succession star Matthew Macfadyen will make his return to the big screen, joining his first big project since finding international acclaim in the hit HBO drama.

It’s rumoured the English actor will have a huge role to play in the third Deadpool film, adopting the role of Paradox according to industry insiders. Paradox is an agent working for the Time Variance Authority, the elusive organisation found in the Disney+ series Loki, that works to preserve the sacred timeline.

Will TJ Miller Return to Deadpool 3?

Image: 20th Century Fox

Everyone’s favourite Deadpool character, Weasel, will not be returning to the third movie after T J Miller said he would never return to work with Reynolds again.

Speaking in 2022, Miller said that Reynolds was “horrifically mean” when he was fully immersed in his role as Deadpool, riffing with Miller on-set as if he was his character, Weasel. Although Miller has since said the pair have cleared the air.

“I would not have done Deadpool 3 if they came to me and were like, ‘We want you to do Deadpool 3, and we’re going to pay you twice as much,'” Miller said.

Weasel was a close friend of Wade Wilson in the 2016 film Deadpool and its 2018 sequel, Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 3 Wolverine Suit

Images circulated from the set of Deadpool 3, in which Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds were spotted suited and booted whilst filming on location. With the storyline for the upcoming Deadpool movie tightly under wraps, fans online were grabbing at anything they could that could give them any indication of the direction the third instalment was heading… and this Deadpool 3 set photo sent fans into a frenzy.

Deadpool 3 Release Date Australia

Deadpool 3 will arrive in Australia in July 2024.

Deadpool 3 Trailer

There is no official trailer for Deadpool 3, however, the first release has been slated for the primetime slot during the Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday 11 February 2024.

What are Deadpool’s superpowers?

Deadpool 3 will see Reynolds return as the “merc with a mouth” Wade Wilson, a wisecracking superhero within the extended Marvel Universe who is blessed with healing abilities that allow him to regenerate entire body parts. Deadpool is also an expert marksman and highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, making him a lethal know-it-all who can’t die… it puts him high up on a lot of people’s hit lists.