Drake Spent $2 Million Dollars On Solid-Gold Sneakers

Drake Spent $2 Million Dollars On Solid-Gold Sneakers

If you’re Drake, there’s little that money can’t buy and when it comes to sneakers, clearly no expense is spared. The 29-year-old rapper recently took to Instagram to show off a new pair OVO Air Jordan 10’s made from solid 24k gold.

The sneakers, which apparently cost a cool $2 million, were commissioned by multidisciplinary artist Matthew Senna who has made a name for himself for his work with fine metals, casting sneakers, roses, ski masks and other unexpected objects into gold and brass. Some of his stylish celebrity clientele include singer Post Malone, footballer Victor Cruz and creative director of UNITED ARROWS & SONS, Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi.

Senna himself also Instagrammed Drake’s solid-gold kicks, with the hashtag #theseweigh100pounds. Not like he’s bragging or anything, but 100 pounds of gold is apparently about the equivalent of 4 ingots (or gold bars).

Drake’s gold sneakers are the cherry on top of his ongoing collaboration with the Jordan Brand. The Toronto rapper’s white 10s sold out last September, and the black versions also flew off the shelves the following February.

With the hashtag #TheseAreNotToWear, it’s clear that @champagnepapi is guarding his million dollar J’s with his life.