Drake's Fresh Kicks Couldn't Save His Old Man's Jacket

Champagne GranPapi.

Drake's Fresh Kicks Couldn't Save His Old Man's Jacket

Whenever we talk about Drake, it’s usually got something to do with his exotic watch collection or that NBA Championship Ring. But this time it’s his fashion choices that have earned him a place in our archives. And all from a nondescript hotel elevator.

The core point of contention? His jacket, which, though Drake rocks it like he stole it from a Russian oligarch – in reality –  the garment wouldn’t look out of place in an old age care home (even if the pensioners got theirs from target).


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Clearly ya’ll don’t know art or Jamaica so…

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In a selfie of himself in a lift and posted to his personal Instagram account, Champagne Papi can be seen rocking the Tom Ford jacket in question. It’s a reversible number, and the Canadian rapper appears to have taken a shine to the wool side.

We can’t find the exact model of the jacket Drake is wearing (it may be custom), but Tom Ford’s jacket selection starts at around $4,000 and range all the way up to about $15,000. So if it’s an upcoming piece, don’t expect it to be cheap, and if it’s custom, don’t expect to get it at all.

He teams it with yet another woollen garment, this time a sweater from Isabel Marant, along with complementary off-white Stone Island pants and fresher than fresh Nike Air Force 1 Mid sneakers.

While some may question Drake’s clothing choices, there appears to be a lot of support from Instagram users, with many claiming it to be his “best fit” in a while. Other users meanwhile focus solely on his iPhone case, which has a glowing Nike logo.

In any case, it’s not the first time in recent weeks that Drake has worn something warm and fuzzy, only last week rocking a Louis Vuitton Christmas coat that puts Santa to shame.

All that’s left now is for the man to actually produce some music. On that note: although there is no official release date, when Drake made somewhat of a comeback last week, making a surprise appearance at fellow rapper DaBaby’s set at a Toronto concert, he revealed some new tracks were inbound.

As Narcity reported last Friday, “The crowd was beyond hyped to see the 6ix God, and after performing ‘Money In The Grave,’ he announced that a new album was on the way [in 2020].”

Keep your fingers crossed, and your coats warm.

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