Dystopian New Double-Decker Plane Seats Have Passengers Worried About ‘Gasflighting’

A whole lot of hot air.

Dystopian New Double-Decker Plane Seats Have Passengers Worried About ‘Gasflighting’

Image: CNN

A new double-decker plane seat design has travellers worried about the prospect of being farted on from above – unlocking a new fear…

The Aircraft Cabin Interiors Expo is currently underway in Hamburg and as per usual with these sorts of trade shows, there are more than a few outlandish designs on display that all boldly claim to represent the future of air travel.

Some innovations are particularly cool, like JAMCO’s new business class seat design which has central privacy dividers that can be lowered to create a double bed, or PriestmanGoode’s new wheelchair seat design which will make travel more accessible for more passengers. These are great ideas.

But some other designs are a bit more dystopian, like the Chaise Lounge Economy Seat, which features a reclined double-stacked concept that’s designed to fit twice the amount of people onto a widebody plane as normal. Talk about cattle class.

WATCH a VR walkthrough of this double-decker plane seat design below.

Its designer, 23-year-old Spaniard Alejandro Núñez Vicente, claims many global carriers have expressed an interest in his design, which he first debuted last year. He’s also, rather entertainingly, come out and answered the question that many travellers have had on their mind since seeing his design: what happens if someone in the seat above you passes gas?

“The idea is that there will be some kind of restraint here… It wouldn’t go straight through,” Alejandro claims. Apparently, lots of people online have been concerned about that. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve just unlocked a new fear. Forget gaslighting, what about gasflighting?

The Chaise Lounge concept is by no means the first double-decker plane seat design. Back in 2020, start-up Zephyr Aerospace came out with its own double-decker design – however, their design featured premium economy lie-flat seats, whereas the Chaise Lounge is a more economy-focused design.

We’re in two minds about double-decker plane seats. If they can bring ticket prices down, cool. But there’s no doubt they’re a bit dehumanising – and now we can’t stop thinking about farts. Maybe planes that run these Chaise Lounges might need to stop serving curry…