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Ecosa Mattress Review: Tried And Tested For A Whole Year

Are Australian challenger brand Ecosa worth the hype?

Ecosa Mattress Review: Tried And Tested For A Whole Year

Image: DMARGE / Romer Macapuno

Ecosa has bowled onto the homeware scene with its mattresses, beds, and bedroom furniture that make the shopping process a whole lot more straightforward. Are they worth the hype? We gave them a year-long test.

Ecosa Mattresses Make Buying A New Mattress So Much Easier

VERDICT: You’ll struggle to find another mattress that is this comfortable, easy to take care of, customisable, and good value.


  • Seamless delivery and set up.
  • Customisable firmness.
  • No flipping required.


  • It’s not cheap… but it is worth it.

Buying a new mattress can all too often be a painful, drawn-out, and incredibly expensive task. Ironically, time, patience, and cash are often in short supply at just the time you need to buy one, given how expensive moving residence can be in general.

That’s where Ecosa comes into play and the dilemma they set out to solve: Founded in Melbourne back in 2015, the brand aims to provide a streamlined mattress purchase and delivery process, as well as provide a product that boasts all the benefits of being a one-size-fits-all but with customisable features that allow you to adjust the feel of your mattress over time.

On top of this, their cutting-edge technology does away with the pesky bi-yearly flipping requirements, saving you time and energy long after the initial purchase.

At least, that’s the sales pitch. Our editor purchased one for his own home and put it to the test for a whole year so that we could give you the most honest and thorough Ecosa Mattress Review possible.

Short For Time? Here Are The Quick Take-Away Points

Overall Rating: 9/10
Comfort:Excellent. Even as a larger guy, I’ve felt well supported by the mattress in all the right places for the twelve-month duration.
Price:Starting at $800 for a Single and up to $1650 for a Super King.
Delivery Time:Next Day if ordered before midday to a metropolitan centre; up to 7 days in regional areas.
Sizes Available: Single – Super King
Features:Customisable firmness, Free trial period, ergonomic support, waterproof cover, ‘low partner disturbance’ design.
Materials:3-Layer foam construction
High-density G-7 memory foam
Bouncy open-cell foam
G-7 Memory Foam layer: medium
ECO-Tex Foam Layer: medium-firm
Ergonomic HD Breathable Support layer: firm
Ergonomic support foam
German micro-filament waterproof protector
40% Tencel + 60% Premium poly cover with zipper
Care & Maintainece:No flipping is required; the cover may require machine washing after a few weeks/months.

Already Convinced? Buy It Now.

The One We Tried For 12 Months
Ecosa Queen Size Mattress

Ecosa Queen Size Mattress

Shipping in less than a day and boasting a raft of innovative features, this is the mattress you need if you’ve just moved in.

Why Trust Us?

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a new mattress: price, size, comfort, delivery time, purchase process, wash and care requirements, the list is nigh-on endless. Ecosa claims to have streamlined that entire process, but the only way to find out was to put them to the test.

Thankfully, one of our editors had just so happened to have moved to Australia from the UK when he joined our ranks a year or so ago, and as such was in need of a new mattress. He and his partner purchased an Ecosa Queen and have been putting it to the test every day since.

So, why should you trust us? Because we’ve bought one ourselves and used it every single day for an entire year, hundreds of times altogether. What better proof could you ask for than a year of direct, hands-on experience, shared straight from the horse’s mouth?

Here she is: my bed, featuring Ecosa mattress as the centrepiece. Image: Finlay Mead/DMARGE

A Bit About Me

When it comes to mattresses, size definitely matters. Not just the size of the mattress itself — whether you’ll be comfier on a Single, a Queen, A Super King, or anything in between — but also the size of the people that plan to use it every single night.

I happen to be at the larger end of the spectrum, standing 6’6 (198cm/1.98m) tall and weighing in at around 95kg, I definitely give most mattresses a run for their money in terms of my overall length — and yes, I’m decidedly used to cold toes dangling out from the end of the bed — as well as the weight I bear down on it.

My partner, on the other hand, is decidedly more average in size. She’s around 5’7 (170cm) tall and around 50kg heavy. This means that not only have we had decidedly different experiences with the mattress individually, but a crucial aspect to consider is how easy a mattress is to share with someone else. This is where Ecosa’s ‘low partner disturbance’ technology comes into play… but more on that later.

More proof that I actually own one of these things — close-ups of my Ecosa mattress. Image: Finlay Mead/DMARGE

Purchase Process

One of Ecosa’s biggest selling points is how easy it makes the purchasing process. Where so many legacy mattress retailers struggled to adjust to the digital age — resulting in clunky websites as far as the eye can see — Ecosa are ‘digital natives’, meaning that theirs is about as seamless as the mattress buying process can get.

Offering an easy filtering process dependent on what you’re looking for and how you like a mattress to feel, Ecosa break down their core products according to mattress type and amterial.,ergonomic support, height, firmness level, breathability, sustainability, and allergen prevention.

In short, all the information you could possibly need is laid out right in front of you. Easy.

Ecosa’s filter is a thing of beauty. Image: Ecosa

Delivery Time & Packaging

Delivery time is really where Ecosa sets itself apart from so many other mattress retailers. When you’re moving house — especially if you’ve emigrated, like I had — then time is of the essence; I had a bare flat with no bed, no mattress, and no friends or family nearby to crash with.

Ecosa will deliver your mattress the next day if you order from a major town or city before midday. This is a game-changer. My Queen arrived the next morning and I was sleeping on it less than 36 hours after clicking ‘pay now’. Remarkable. You can also choose the delivery window from a range of four-hour slots.

Even better: they even offer same-day delivery to these same locations for a flat fee of $50. I wasn’t quite that desperate, but I totally understand how somebody could be.

Here’s what an Ecosa mattress looks like in profile. Image: DMARGE

If you live in a regional area, delivery can take anywhere from 1-7 days and can come with a flat fee of up to $175 due to added transportation costs. Obviously, this is annoying, but I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker by any means.

In terms of packaging, the mattress was delivered right to my door by a shipping assistant. It arrived in a long cardboard box, inside of which the mattress was vacuum-packed in an easily unzipped bag. All you need to do is take the mattress to your desired location, unzip it, and allow the mattress to ‘inflate’ to normal size for a few hours.

Size & Weight

I’ve put an image showing the dimensions and weights of all of Ecosa’s classic mattresses below. In terms of length and width, they don’t vary at all from the Australian standard, so far as I can tell. We went for the Queen as it’s just long enough for my lanky legs to fit on comfortably (203cm long vs. my 198cm).

Ecosa mattresses’ dimensions and weights. Image: Ecosa

Where Ecosa really stands out is in the lightweight nature of their mattresses. Clocking in at only 35kg, I was just about able to manoeuvre the mattress entirely by myself, both when rolled up on arrival and after I’d unpacked it. This made the whole process much easier, meaning only one person needed to be in the apartment to take delivery and get started.


I’ll keep it short and sweet: the Ecosa is an incredibly comfy mattress. Sure, there may be comfier mattresses in existence — no doubt at 5-star hotels and resorts dotted around the world — but at this price point I reckon Ecosa will be hard, if not impossible, to beat.

I’ve slept on it nigh-on every night for an entire year — save a couple of nights away on vacation — and I’ve been really comfortable every single time. The mattress is the perfect firmness for me — it can be adjusted to suit your needs — and I found it breathable enough to avoid any overheating or irritation. It really did wow me in terms of comfort.

Given that I share the bed with my partner, I think that the ‘low partner disurbance’ technology plays a big part in this too. More on that below, but safe to say it’s a lot more than a marketing gimmick.

What Makes Ecosa Different

What makes Ecosa stand apart from the rest can be summarised in a few key bullet points. Some of these will repeat what I’ve said above, but they’re worth repeating, trust me:


As above, Ecosa’s super-streamlined shopping experience takes all the pain out of buying a mattress. Instead of driving out to your nearest mattress store and tramping around for hours, lying on them in a vain effort to see how they really feel, Ecosa asks what you’re looking for and recommends the best option based on your preferences. So easy.


They deliver the same-day to metro areas for a flat fee and next-day as standard. Wherever you are, they’ll get it to you in less than a week. Can’t say fairer than that can you?


Ecosa’s very clever design allows you to adjust the firmness of your mattress at home. All you have to do is unzip the cover and adjust the position of certain layers to get your desired firmness. As per the instructions from their site:

  • Put the G-7 memory foam layer (colour blue) on top for a medium level of firmness. This lets your body sink a little by distributing weight without pushing against pressure points.
  • Place the ECO-Tex foam (colour white) on top for the medium-firm layer. You get cuddle time for your back while this layer studies and contours to your body shape.
  • The Ergonomic HD Breathable Support Layer (colour yellow) should go on top if you prefer a firm mattress. This provides your back optimum stability throughout the night.

I’ve adjusted mine a couple of times since purchase; the process was easy both times and I’ve found my perfect firmness (medium-firm, FYI).

Low Partner Disturbance

I don’t know exactly how Ecosa’s “low partner disturbance” technology works if I’m being entirely honest. I know it has something to do with their use of memory foam and — more importantly — I know that it works.

I’m not a particularly deep sleeper and neither is my partner; there’s a lot of tossing and turning in the night, especially in the hours just before sunrise. Our Ecosa mattress keeps the disturbance and movement to a minimum. However it works, it’s great.


Ecosa makes mattress maintenance so easy. Traditional mattresses are meant to be flipped every year or so — some people recommend every 6 months, some say 18 months — but I don’t believe many people actually bother to do this.

Seemingly knowing how lazy we all are, Ecosa has developed a product that doesn’t need flipping at all. Great shout.

The various layers in an Ecosa mattress. Image: Ecosa

Trial Period

If, for some unfathomable reason, you don’t love your Ecosa mattress, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that you get 100 days to try it out. In this period, you can send it back and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

For people who move in somewhere and need to purchase the bed at speed — a process that Ecosa also makes very easy — this should allay any final doubts or concerns.

Are Ecosa Mattresses Worth It?

In short: yes, absolutely they are. I know this article reads like a paid ad but I can assure you it is not; I really just love my Ecosa mattress that much.

The ease of purchase, speed of delivery, and seamless set-up are absolutely unbeatable at this price point. I don’t believe anyone in Australia — maybe even in the wider world – is offering both a service and a product that is up to this standard.

Add on top of that the low-maintenance design, firmness customisation, and ability to send it back if you don’t like it… It’s nigh on flawless.

You won’t regret buying an Ecosa, you just won’t.

Alternatives To An Ecosa Mattress

If, somehow, you’re still unconvinced about the quality of an Ecosa, here are some very respectable alternatives to consider:

Another Challenger Brand
Noa Mattress

Noa Mattress

Enjoyed by tens of thousands of Aussies, the Noa provides exceptional comfort, deep pressure relief and remarkable support, all of which will keep you cool all night, every night.

Expensive But Classy
Eva Comfort Classic

Eva Comfort Classic

Wave goodbye to night sweats with anti-microbial and cooling gel memory foam, Eva keeps you at the optimal temperature for sleeping soundly.

Hi-Tech As it Gets
Sleeping Duck Mach II

Sleeping Duck Mach II

The BreatheTech hyper soft bamboo knitted cover ensures the ultimate softness without impeding moveability and coolness.