Elon Musk’s Chinese Doppelganger Trains For Zuckerberg Fight As Billionaire’s Health Concerns Escalate

The Walrus has friends in high places.

Elon Musk’s Chinese Doppelganger Trains For Zuckerberg Fight As Billionaire’s Health Concerns Escalate


Elon Musk may not be in the best shape of his life but, unlike rumoured cage fight rival Mark Zuckerberg, he’s got a substitute in place should the big fight ever come to pass…

Elon Musk and longtime Silicon Valley rival Mark Zuckerberg are incapable of keeping themselves out of the headlines these days: from their latest row over new platform Threads to their ongoing negotiations and macho brawling ahead of their much-hyped cage fight — both of which dropped amongst ongoing concerns around Musk’s ongoing ketamine use — the pair have really made the case for burly billionaires being the true rockstars of our time.

As all this excitement grows, however, increasingly widespread rumours regarding Musk’s less-than-ideal health and fitness situation — from his self-proclaimed status as a “walrus” to claiming that he currently weighs in at over three-hundred pounds — cast doubt on his readiness for the upcoming fight against Zuckerberg, who is himself in the best shape of his life and eagerly awaiting the chance to assert his dominance over his nemesis once and for all. But, as reported by Mashable, there may be a hero waiting in the wings…

WATCH: In stark contrast, Zuckerberg is fighting fit.

In addition to concerns around Musk’s weight, when Zuckerberg proposed August 26th as the date for the cage fight, Musk quickly took to X (formerly known as Twitter…) to suggest that the date might clash with two convenient scheduled MRI scans, even mentioning the possibility of undergoing surgery before the fight. However, while Musk grapples with his health issues a viral Chinese doppelganger is hard at work, training diligently just in case the billionaire needs to sub him in.

Who Is Elon Musk’s Chinese Doppelganger?

This Musk lookalike gained widespread fame in 2022 due to his uncanny resemblance to the billionaire entrepreneur. Fondly dubbed Elon’s “Chinese Twin Brother” by admirers, he recently went viral in a jaw-dropping video where he playfully took down an opponent wearing a pretty budget-looking Mark Zuckerberg mask. The video gained so much attention online that even Musk himself was taken in by the video, questioning whether the person was real or just another AI-generated Deep Fake.

WWE wrestler Triple H has also waded into proceedings, throwing his hat into the metaphorical ring and offering to train Musk in preparation for the fight. While Zuckerberg has been significantly quieter online than MUsk, other than a few shady Threads posts here and there, he’s been putting in a lot more work behind the scenes. Having honed his martial arts skills for several years, he’s not only taken part in but actually won a number of Jiu-Jitsu tournaments while simultaneously training for MMA alongside a number of high-profile fighters like Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski.

While Musk has a long way to go in catching up with Zuckerberg’s physical prowess, he’s arguably winning the war of words as things stand, managing to capitalise on the hype around the fight significantly better than the quiet if surprisingly shredded Facebook king. However, words won’t be what wins this fight, should it ever actually come to pass.

While I, among many, consider the whole thing to be a media circus that’s gotten well out of hand, I must confess that the thought of seeing the Walrus, or his Chinese comrade, in action has rather tickled my fancy…