Samantha X Reveals Why She Decided To Become An Escort

Although Samantha X had always wondered about escorting, one heart-breaking interaction made her decide to do it for real.

Samantha X Reveals Why She Decided To Become An Escort

You walk into a room and before you utter a syllable you’ve seduced the man in it. Is this how it feels to be an escort? Not necessarily, but as high-end call girl Samantha X recently told us: it sure can be.

But despite society becoming more open-minded, people still make assumptions about sex workers. This is something that, as her Instagram feed and explosive interviews attest, Samantha X is on a mission to change.

Originally known as Amanda Goff, Samantha X began her career as a journalist, but—after one fateful interaction—decided to become an escort.

Initially, this was a secret ‘side hustle’. However, as she revealed in a nationally televised interview in 2014, it soon became a full-time gig enabling her to charge $800 an hour for her services, under the pseudonym, Samantha X.

Since then she has quit ‘the game’ for love, broken up with her partner, and starting escorting again.

Drawing both praise and criticism, Samantha now has two books to her name: Hooked – Secrets of a High-Class Escort and Back on Top – Confessions Of A High-Class Escort, as well as running her own escort agency, Samantha’s Angels.

While her job choice is not for everyone, it seems almost everyone wants to know her bedroom secrets.

But where did it all begin? In an exclusive interview, Samantha told us why she became an escort in the first place. Contrary to what you might expect, it had little to do with money.

Although Samantha claims she had always been attracted to the idea of becoming an escort (“Growing up, I wanted to do three things. Be a successful journalist, write a book and become an escort”), she admits that there was one heart-breaking interaction that made her decide to go ahead and pull the trigger.

“My defining moment was when a very powerful man seduced me and literally walked out of the room after we had sex, and deleted my number. He had spent months telling me he was in love with me and after sex, he vanished. I knew then I was never going to let a man use me again.”

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“All (three of my jobs),” she added, “Have been a fascinating experience. But I have to say I really really love my job as an escort.”

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